Clase Azul Mezcal Guerrero 750ml

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Clase Azul Mezcal Guerrero reveals one of Mexico's best-kept secrets: the wondrous state of Guerrero, a little-explored region that shows us another facet of Mexican culture. This new member of the Clase Azul family was inspired by the singularity of Guerrero's landscapes, gastronomy, art, and heritage - but also by the strength and leadership of the women of this region.

Mezcal Guerrero is a truly unique piece. Beyond its beautiful decanter, its majestic flavor comes from a very rare variety of agave: the papalote agave. This plant grows wild in the Mountain Range of the State of Guerrero, where the notes combine the sea's climate and flavor with the green forests' freshness.

  • COLOR: Crystal clear with light straw-colored highlights.
  • AROMA: Grapefruit skin, fresh wood, rosemary, peanut oil, hints of butter and daisy flowers.
  • TASTE: Fresh wood, seaweed, lemon juice, pepper and light notes of tobacco.

80 Proof

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