Tequila is a unique and distinctive type of alcohol that can be sipped neat or blended with any number of mixers for a variety of tastes and effect. Compared to a mixto tequila, which is in part made from sugar cane distillate, a bottle of pura tequila is 100% made from blue weber agave plants found around the lowland and highland regions of Mexico.

Tequila is typically bottled after being matured in wooden barrels to give it a velvety smoothness that only comes from premium tequila. However, there are different types of tequila, including aged and unaged tequila.

Liquorama has scoured the earth in search of the best tequilas, all with one goal: to find the best tasting spirits and bring them to you at a fair price. Whether you’re new to the world of tequilas or a tequila aficionado, you'll always find a bottle to suit your tastes.

The finest tequilas made from Mexican blue agave are delivered straight to you from the oldest and best brands around. Our hand-selected offerings include several different types of tequila:

Blanco Tequila

Also known as silver tequila, blanco tequila is tequila in its purest form. It is a clear alcohol that is rested no more than 60 days in stainless steel tanks and bottled immediately. It’s an unaged tequila that is perfect for those who are new to tequila or just prefer a softer spirit, although it can still make your cocktails sing.

Joven Tequila

Often inexpensive, joven (or gold tequila) is a mixto tequila made from the blue agave plant with added sugars, caramel coloring, oak extract, or glycerine. Usually, it’s a blanco tequila blended with aged tequilas.

Reposado Tequila

Reposado is a tequila aged for 2 to 11 months in oak barrels. The longer it sits, the more its smooth taste and hearty smell develop into a spirit that is worthy of enjoyment. The finest reposado tequila shows a distinctive rustic amber color with a balanced, sweet taste that is fruity and citrusy.

Añejo Tequila

If the aging process has passed at least a year, but less than three, reposado tequilas become añejo tequilas. The longer the aging process, the smaller the oak or bourbon barrels used. The fact that reposado tequila is aged over a wide range of temperatures gives this spirit a much darker color, sweeter taste, and acidity reduction.

Extra Añejo Tequila

This is the most aged tequila. It sits in oak casts for over three years to achieve a deep and complex taste and color. Extra añejo tequilas can be expensive and are often compared to quality scotch due to their extended aging time, caramel quality, and smooth profile.

Indulge in the Satisfying Flavors of Tequila

Whether taken neat or mixed into cocktails, tequila should be savored with the same care and attention that goes into distilling and aging it.

Once you try it plain or combined with a wide range of cocktail mixers, you'll soon be pouring another drink. Every bottle in our selection has been chosen with care so you can expect every sip to be truly exceptional.

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