Cristalino Tequila is all the rage! It has an exceptionally smooth texture and even smoother finish.

Whether you like to enjoy your drink neat, on the rocks, or in the form of a cocktail, cristalino tequila might be the perfect tequila for you. 

It's the tequila you don't want to miss out on! 

What Makes Cristalino Tequila Different

Cristalino tequila may not be hundreds of years old, but it's unique nonetheless. The remarkable tequila hit the market a little over ten years ago and stands out among your typical blanco, reposado, and añejo tequila.

So, how is cristalino tequila different than other tequilas? Cristalino tequila may look like your average blanco tequila; however, taste-wise, it's closer to a reposado or añejo tequila. It's more of a clear añejo tequila.

Cristalino tequila is carefully charcoal filtered in order to remove any color from the tequila. The charcoal filtration only removes color, not flavor. On the contrary, the filtration brings out the flavors even more. You'll notice the crisp agave flavor found in the tequila is a cause of the filtration process. You'll notice fruity and floral flavors.

How It's Aged

While many tequila producers do use American white oak barrels, that's not all that cristalino tequilas have been known to be aged in. Other barrels include Eastern European oak barrels and French oak barrels. Some brands even age their tequila in the finest wine barrels and port wine casks.

Cristalino tequilas are aged anywhere from twelve to eighteen months.

What Does Cristalino mean?

The word 'cristalino' is derived from the Spanish for 'crystalline'.

Crystalline can be defined as "having the structure and form of a crystal" or "crystal clear."

Añejo Cristalino

For the most part, cristalino tequila is "essentially an añejo tequila." Whether that's an añejo or even extra añejo tequila doesn't particularly matter. The tequila must also be made with a blue agave.

You'll often find that cristalino tequilas are also known as Añejo Cristalino.

Some tequila producers also use a mix of reposado, añejo, and extra añejo tequila to make their cristalino tequila. It all depends on the tequila brand.

The Very First Cristalino Tequila

The very first cristalino tequila on the market belongs to the widely known Don Julio brand. On their 70th anniversary, Don Julio launched the cristalino tequila under the name Don Julio 70 Cristalino.

To become Don Julio 70, an añejo tequila is aged for 18 months in American white oak barrels. After it's aged in the American oak barrels, the tequila goes through a charcoal filtration process to "restore the agave flavor." Don Julio 70 is extra smooth, complex, and luxurious.

After Don Julio launched their cristalino tequila, other tequila producers followed suit.

More Cristalino Tequilas

After Don Julio launched Don Julio 70, many other tequila brands in the industry decided to join the cristalino game. Brand after brand launched their cristalino tequila, and now, cristalino tequila is on the rise! Its popularity continues to grow.

Here are some popular cristalino tequilas to consider when shopping for a bottle:

Maestro Dobel Diamante Tequila.

Maestro Dobel Diamante Tequila has a fascinating history. Maestro Dobel claims to be the first cristalino to hit the market, but there are a couple of different claims as to why Maestro Dobel wasn't the first cristalino.

Technically, Maestro Dobel didn't name put cristalino in the name. Cristalino was nowhere in the description. Don Julio 70 was the first to launch a tequila called Don Julio 70 Cristalino.

Don Julio was also the first cristalino to use solely añejo tequila. On the other hand, Maestro Dobel Diamanté Tequila is a mix of reposado, añejo, and extra añejo tequilas.

Despite the technicalities of whether it was the first or not, Maestro Dobel Diamante Tequila is a huge hit. It's smooth and sweet with complex flavors of "caramel, honey and maple as well as nutty and vanilla notes."

1800 Cristalino

1800 Tequila is a brand you can trust. 1800 has been around for more than 220 years and continues to thrive.

A few years ago, 1800 launched 1800 Cristalino. It's an ultra-premium cristalino tequila aged in a combination of French and American oak barrels. After aging, the tequila is finished in port casks to enhance the flavors.

Drink 1800 Cristalino neat, on the rocks, or in a delicious cocktail! 1800 Cristalino is excellent as the base of a flavored margarita, a Paloma, a Cantarito, and even a Negroni.

Tequila Partida Cristalino

Tequila Partida Cristalino is everything you want a cristalino tequila to be. It covers all the basics. It's an añejo tequila aged 18 months in ex-bourbon barrels. The charcoal filtration removes all color and enhances the tequila's flavor.

With Tequila Partida Cristalino, you'll first notice decadent vanilla and honeysuckle flavors. But that's not all. Fig, cinnamon, quince, and coffee are more delicious flavors that make this cristalino exceptional.

Gran Coramino Cristalino

What happens when you take widely known celebrity Kevin Hart and powerhouse in the tequila industry Juan Beckmann? You get Gran Coramino.

Gran Coramino has two tequila options, and one is a cristalino. Gran Coramino Cristalino has "vanilla bean, toffee, dark berries, and light spice" flavors.

Gran Coramino is different from your typical cristalino. It's not an añejo. Gran Coramino uses a reposado tequila to make their Cristalino tequila.

The Best Way to Enjoy Cristalino Tequila

Enjoy cristalino tequila the same way you would any tequila. Drink it as a shot. Drink it chilled. Surprisingly, cristalino tequila can also be enjoyed neat. Sip it on it like you would a whiskey.

We all know that tequila makes spectacular cocktails!

Just like any blanco tequilas, or even reposado tequilas, Cristalino tequila makes a mean margarita! Or throw in your favorite tequila mixer and make a refreshing mixed drink!

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