Tequila Cosmico Anejo Cristalino 750ml

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Experience the unparalleled smoothness of this exquisite Añejo Cristalino! Crafted to perfection, it captures the true essence of Agave Azul, having matured for an impressive thirteen months in carefully selected American oak barrels, toasted to a medium level.

Indulge in its pure elegance, as it is expertly designed for sipping, making it an ideal companion for a special meal. Moreover, its versatility shines through as it effortlessly enhances the flavors of funky and fun cocktails.

Immerse yourself in its fully crystalline appearance, adorned with shimmering silver sparkles, while its unctuous texture tantalizes the senses. Delight in the harmonious blend of sweet vanilla and caramel, complemented by the essence of cooked agave and nuanced hints of toasted nuts and wood, all delicately infused with the captivating smokiness of agave. The experience culminates with a warm, sweet, and lingering finish that will leave a lasting impression.

70 Proof
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