Sell us your wine

How-to Sell Us Your Wine

Do you have a large wine collection and are running out of room in your wine cellar?

If you're looking to unload all or part of your collection, you can sell your wine to us! 

Although we're primarily a fine wine and spirits retailer, we are always interested in purchasing full cases of quality wine that has been properly cellared.

We're also interested in purchasing single bottles or partial cases of rare fine wines as well. 

Our primary interests are California wines, Italian wines and French wines, though we will consider purchasing quality wines from all regions.

Name and producer of the wine as well as any vineyard designations that may apply.

We need as much information as possible for us to make an offer on the wine you want to sell. To ease the approval process please include the following information for each case or bottle in an Excel spreadsheet or Microsoft Word document to be emailed to us at

  • Is the wine a reserve?
  • The wine's vintage.
  • Bottle size (750ml, magnum etc).
  • The condition of the bottle or bottles. This includes fill levels (ullage), the condition of the label (is it torn, peeling, stained), any seepage, condition of the cork (pushed, etc) and any other relevant information that may affect the value of the wine bottle.
  • The number of cases (or bottles if it is a rare wine).

The following conditions will affect the potential value of each bottle of wine:

  • Torn capsules, exposed or depressed corks.
  • Torn, peeling or dirty wine labels.
  • Obscured vintages or corroded capsules.
  • Fill levels.

We cannot accept bottles that have any of the following conditions:

  • Pushed corks or signs of seepage.
  • Mid shoulder fill levels or lower.
  • Bad wine color or the appearance of poor wine storage.

Wines that we cannot accept will be shipped back to the seller at the seller's expense, or will be discarded. Please double-check each bottle of wine you wish to sell to be sure it meets our criteria and to avoid any delay in payment. We will accept digital photos of your collection to expedite the process. The agreed upon price for the wine you wish to sell to us is subject to review once we receive the wine to be inspected.
Please contact us if you have any questions at


We will also consider taking in wine on consignment. We will list your wine for sale at a mutually agreed upon price. We will take a percentage based fee and pay you the difference within 30 days of the wine being sold.