Track Shipments in Wine and Spirits Delivery

Today, your favorite liquor store can bring the bar right to your door, thanks to new technology and the internet. Online alcohol delivery service has arrived to make things easier for both the vendor and consumer.

Whether you are having your friends over for a drink during happy hour or want to stock up for your favorite cocktails, this excellent service of online ordering beer, wine, and spirits is ready for you.

However, sometimes ordering something over the internet can make you impatient. You might fear something will go wrong or get lost in transit and never make it to your address.

Fortunately, with your Liquorama account, you are able to check your package location in real-time through shipment tracking.

How does shipment tracking work? Why is it a game-changer for beer, wine, and spirits delivery orders? Let us discuss everything about shipment tracking.

Shipping at Liquorama

Most shipments along the west coast/neighboring states are sent with GLS, who typically delivers within 1-2 days.

FedEx/UPS Ground services typically take no more than 4-7 days for delivery depending on destination.  

FedEx/UPS Express services typically arrive in 1-3 business days depending on the selected service.


Copy and paste your tracking number into the links below.


Track FedEx Shipments (12-digit numbers beginning with 3914) Here

Track UPS Shipments (18-digit numbers beginning with 1Z) Here

Track GLS-US shipments (20-digit numbers beginning with 6113 or 2211) Here 

How Does Alcohol Delivery Tracking Work?

In simple terms, shipment tracking is the key to streamlining delivery logistics. It is a well-thought-out technique for tracing packages in transit for delivery.

It is a system used to verify each package source, delivery trail, and recipient details. The best thing about it is that it helps the sender and recipient predict the delivery time. But how does it work? Here is a step-by-step guide.

Barcode Generation

Barcode generation is the first step in the shipment tracking process. A barcode is a unique machine-readable ID signature used to identify a package quickly.

It consists of bars, spaces, numerals, and characters and contains the essential details about the package. Some of the details may include:

  • Seller and buyer contact information

  • Package destination

  • Special handling requests

Barcodes ease tracking and reduce the chances of the packages getting lost when you shop online.

Package Scanning

After the barcode generation and attachment to the package, it is now ready to scan. An optical scanner reads the information and transfers it to the computer system during the scanning process.

All the data moves to the delivery service's database for automatic monitoring. A successful scan means the package is ready for shipment.

Package Tracking

Package tracking is when interested parties enjoy complete visibility of the shipping process. All the parties, including the seller, delivery service, and the buyer, can track the package in real-time.

They get to see the current location, estimated delivery time, and destination in a blink of an eye.

Note: Some tracking software allows users to monitor shipping progress from a browser or app on any internet-connected device.

Package Delivery

Packaging delivery is the final stage of the package tracking system. It finalizes the process and shows the package has reached its destination.

With all alcohol deliveries, the buyer must present their ID to prove their age and show they are older than 21, then sign for the package. Delivery drivers will not be able to leave the package at the door of the address if no one is there to sign for it. This is why package tracking is so convenient as the receiving party can adjust their schedule so they know when they are about to deliver and are home to sign.

Once the buyer receives the package, the system is updated, and all parties receive notification of the successful delivery.

Why Are Shipment Tracking Systems Important?

For a long time, delivery systems have been missing the mark regarding customer satisfaction. Proper management of packages and fleet has been an enormous problem.

But shipment tracking technology has successfully stabilized the equation. A tracker collects, analyses, and sends data from when the package is first scanned until the it reaches its destination.

Here is how shipment tracking systems have changed the game in alcohol purchase and delivery.


A package tracking system allows shoppers to enjoy complete visibility of their alcohol delivery from the comfort of their homes. They can conveniently view the truck, its location, the driver, and the estimated arrival time with a button click.

Visibility gives much more than verbal or written assurance and puts the customer's mind at ease.

Delivery Status Updates

Customers get real-time updates through package tracking tools. If, for instance, the delivery truck gets caught in traffic, the system notifies the customer of the delays.

The real-time updates eliminate the frustrations and misunderstandings and help shoppers make adjustments.

Reminders and Alerts

What happens if your wine is delivered and you are not available to receive it? The delivery personnel returns it to the office, and you might have to pay a delivery fee all over again. There is no such thing as contactless delivery with alcohol.

With a package tracking system, you get regular reminders and alerts concerning the delivery.

The reminders help customers reorganize their schedule and find time to receive the package. 

The alerts and reminders before the driver gets to the destination also give shoppers time to find a friend or family to receive the package on their behalf.

Digital Proof

Immediately after a successful alcohol delivery process, a shipment tracking system generates a digital receipt for the customer. The digital receipt is crucial as it will confirm the wine or alcohol package has been delivered successfully. 

The tracker provides a digital receipt after a complete process. All consumers have to do is get their ID ready for scanning. 

How Do You Track Wine and Spirits Delivery?

Maybe you have just ordered your favorite beer from an online liquor store. How do you track the package's progress?

Usually, the shipping company sends a tracking number to all the interested parties after scanning and entering the package details into their database.

Liquorama ships our packages through three major shipping companies (UPS, FedEx, and GSL-US). Here is how to track a package through the company's self-delivery or in-house shipping.

Tracking a UPS Package

UPS delivers ground parcels in 4–7 days, depending on the destination. They have the best package tracking features, user-friendly web functions, and a mobile app that makes tracking easy. Their tracking numbers are usually 18 digits long.

Tracking a FedEx Package

Federal Express (FedEx) is a shipping company known for same-day delivery. They have a FedEx international urgent tool that deals with time-sensitive and same-day deliveries.

Like UPS, their mobile apps offer real-time updates and a virtual assistant is always on stand-by on their website to answer tracking questions. Their tracking numbers are usually 12 digits long.

Tracking a GLS-US

GLS-US shipments take 3–4 days when delivering international orders, while local deliveries take 1–2 days. Their user-friendly mobile tracking app also provides real-time data and is easy to navigate.

Which Are the Various Ways of Tracking a Package?

To track your alcohol package, you must enter the tracking number at some point. Here are various ways you can do so.

Text Tracking

Major shipping companies such as FedEx allows shoppers to track their packages through their mobile phone. All you have to do is send a text to a specific number to receive timely updates.

Courier Website

Interested parties can enter the tracking number through the shipping company's website and receive real-time updates.

Mobile App

Major shipping companies have tracking apps that users can download for easy tracking.

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