Creyente Azul Cristalino Anejo Mezcal 750ml

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Creyente Azul Cristalino Anejo Mezcal originates from the Valles Centrales and Sierra Sur regions of Oaxaca, Mexico, where it is crafted from the finest Espadin and Cuishe agaves. These agaves are carefully selected, cooked in underground pit ovens, and crushed using a tahona stone wheel.

After fermentation and double distillation, the liquid is aged in new American oak casks to enhance its complexity and taste.

Before bottling, the mezcal undergoes a special filtration process, resulting in a clear and smooth final product. Creyente Cristalino Anejo offers delicate notes of smoke, citrus, herbs, and spice, making it a truly unique and refined mezcal that must be savored to be fully appreciated.
  • COLOR: The crystal-clear elixir shines with silver reflections, highlighting its exceptional quality and full-bodied nature. Delicate floral and herbal aromas blend gracefully, accompanied by a subtle smokiness and gentle woody undertones. A hint of petrichor, reminiscent of the earth after rain, adds an intriguing layer.
  • AROMA: The essence of cooked agave intertwines harmoniously with subtle notes of vanilla and the refreshing appeal of fresh guava.
  • FLAVOR: On the palate, it envelops with a velvety softness, unveiling a gentle sweetness that pairs beautifully with the woody nuances. The combination of fruity and smoky flavors is expertly balanced, creating a captivating fusion.
  • FINISH: The essence of vanilla and the subtle hint of star anise contribute depth and complexity, culminating in a delightful finish where the interplay of wood and earthy notes lingers on the palate.
  • 80 Proof
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