29th Aug 2022

7 Brands of Canned Cocktails You Need To Try

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7 Brands of Canned Cocktails You Need To Try

Are you looking for a ready-to-drink cocktail?

It's time to get to know some canned cocktail brands! It seems like every day there's a new product on the shelves! Canned cocktails have made their way to the forefront in the last few years, and we're here for it!

Best Canned Cocktails

Sometimes, summertime plans happen last minute. There's no time to run out and get a bunch of different ingredients and whatnot. Ready-to-drink canned cocktails make last-minute plans easier. Grab a four-pack, crack open a can, and you're ready to drink. No blenders. No mixers. Nothing but a can of your favorite canned cocktail.

There are options for every body. Whether you're a fan of a classic Bloody Mary or a Margarita in just about any flavor you can think of, you're bound to find a canned cocktail that you'll enjoy.

I know that an overwhelming amount of products makes it hard to decide between things! That's where I come in! I'm here to give you the lowdown on the newest and best-canned cocktails!

So, here's a little breakdown of some popular brands and which canned cocktails they carry. Some have a smaller range. Some carry just about anything you can think of. Each brand brings something different to the table. Let's get to know them a bit better!

Let's dive in!

Cutwater Spirits

Cutwater Spirits has options for days! They probably have the largest selection of ready-to-go drinks among all the different brands. So if you're looking for a lot of different options and quality cocktails, Cutwater Spirits may have the canned cocktail for you!

Cutwater Options

They have vodka cocktails, tequila cocktails, and rum cocktails. They also carry a Gin and Tonic and Whiskey Mule. There's a certain convenience that comes with one brand carrying all your favorites.

Start a summer day off with a Cutwater Bloody Mary, a Bloody Mary that's a dangerously delicious way to start your day. Lounge by the pool with a Cutwater Lime Margarita, a popular option in the mix. It's refreshing and great on a hot summer's day. End your day with just about anything. I'd go with the timeless classic, the Cutwater Gin & Tonic.

A few other options include an assortment of Vodka Soda, a deliciously tropical Rum Mai Tai, a Tiki Rum Punch, a Moscow Mule, and a refreshing Long Island Iced Tea.
4-packs are available on the Liquorama website.

If you're interested in learning more about what Cutwater Spirits has to offer, check out our blog post on Cutwater Spirits. It'll tell you everything you need to know!

Finnish Long Drinks

Finnish Long Drinks have become quite the popular option in the canned cocktail department. The story of how the Finnish Long Drinks came to be is quite interesting!

Let's go back to 1954 when Finland was recovering after World War II. It was the Summer Games and Finland needed to come up with a way to serve the abundance of visitors quickly! That's where the "Long Drink" comes into play.

In early 2018, the Finnish Long Drink finally made its way over to the United States, serving us up Finland's top-selling category of alcohol, the long drink!

Finnish Long Drink Options

The Finnish Long drink remains pretty traditional regarding options. There are four options to choose from.

First, we have the Finnish Long Drink Traditional. At 5.5% ABV, it's a crisp and refreshing citrus soda and gin mix!

Next, we have the Finnish Long Drink Strong. It's the stronger version of the Finnish Long Drink Traditional at 8.5% ABV.

If you're watching your calories, the Finnish Long Drink Zero is available. At 99 calories a can at 5% ABV, it gives you the same experience as the Finnish Long Drink Traditional but gives you the satisfaction of zero sugar and zero carbs!

And finally, if you like some dimension, we've got the Finnish Long Drink Cranberry. Like the Finnish Long Drink Traditional, it's 5.5% ABV with a cranberry kick!

All the long drinks use gin and natural flavors. Available in 6-packs, grab yours today at Liquorama and try these long drinks for yourself!

Sip Shine

What started as a family vacation quickly turned into a mission of trying to create an easier way to sip a moonshine cocktail. Sip Shine prides itself on providing deliciously flavored moonshine cocktails with sweetness and character!

They're stronger than your average cocktail!

Sip Shine Options

Sip Shine offers three different options.

First up, we have the Sip Shine Shineberry Sweet Tea. With a raspberry-flavored shine finish, the Shineberry Sweet Tea works great over ice and even over your favorite iced tea. At 20% ABV, the Shineberry Sweet Tea is available in ready-to-drink four-packs.

Next, we have the Sip Shine Arnold Shiner, a tea with lemonade-flavored shine. If you like it strong, serve it over ice. If you want to dilute it, it works great with an iced tea and lemonade mix. The Arnold Shiner is also 20% ABV and is available in 4-packs.

And finally, the Sip Shine Razz-Berry Shineade is a delicious blend of lemonade-flavored shine and a sweet raspberry finish. The tartness of the lemonade and the sweetness of the raspberry create an impeccable balance between the two flavors. Drink it over ice or add some orange juice to make your very own Sex on the Beach. The Razz-Berry Shineade is available in 4-packs and is 20% ABV.

Troop Cocktails

Created in 2019, Troop Beverage Co. gives you quality cocktails without having to go to the bar scene! Reed and CC, a married couple with a love for drinking but not drinking culture, decided to make cocktails that were meant to be savored, not chugged!

Troop Options

There are five different troop options to choose from!

First, we have a Vodka Lemonade. It's a tart, balanced concoction of vodka, fresh lemon juice, basil, simple syrup, and soda water! Drink it right out of the can or spruce it up with crushed ice and basil leaf garnish!

Next, we have a Troop Tequila Paloma. With tequila, fresh grapefruit juice, fresh lime juice, soda water, agave syrup, and salt, the Tequila Paloma is great right out of the can or over a glass of ice and a salted rim!

Third, we have the Troop Rum Mojito! The Rum Mojito is a vibrant mix of rum, lime, salt, soda water, and cane sugar. Spruce things up with a highball glass, lime wedge, and muddled mint leaves! Or drink it ice cold!

Next, we've got the Gin Spritz. With gin, amaro, lemon, hibiscus, and soda water, this fuzzy, dry mix is the perfect blend of bitter and sweet. Grab a wine glass, some ice, and orange peel to make it look extra elegant!

And finally, last but certainly not least, we have the Troop Bourbon Smash! The Bourbon Smash is versatile. It's a mix of bourbon whiskey, black tea, lemon, mint, and cane sugar. Drink it cold out of the car or in a glass of ice with a lemon wedge garnish.

And there you have it, those are the five Troop Cocktail options. All of these options are made with 100% real ingredients with full flavor and full strength. Canned on the West Coast in Napa, CA, each of these options sits at 10% ABV and comes in a 4-pack.

Zing Zang Cocktails

You're probably all pretty familiar with Zing Zang's Bloody Mary Mix. After all, it's one of the best on the market. But did you know that Zing Zang also makes some great canned cocktails?

Let's see what canned cocktails Zing Zang has to offer!

Zing Zang Options

Zing Zang has four different canned cocktail options!

First up, we have the infamous Zing Zang Bloody Mary with Vodka. The Zing Zang Bloody Mary is a mix of American Vodka, natural vegetable juices, and bold seasonings. It's spicy, full of flavor, and makes for a quality cocktail! It's made with that same Bloody Mary mix that everyone's been raving about for years!

Next, we have the Zing Zang Margarita! The Margarita is made with tequila, citrus juices, and blue agave nectar. It's the perfect balance of citrus and sweet, with a delectable honey-like finish.

Third, we have another margarita, a Zing Zang Mango Margarita. The Mango Margarita is a bursting mix of Premium Silver Tequila, mango, lime, key lime, and sweetened with blue agave.

And finally, we have the Zing Zang Bourbon Whiskey Sour. This cocktail is made with Premium Kentucky Bourbon and Zing Zang Sweet & Sour Mix

All of these Zing Zang options are 9% ABV and available in 4 packs.

Salt Point Cocktails

Salt Point has been crafting canned cocktails since 2013. Made in Northern California, Salt Point prides itself on quality ingredients and the finest spirits.

Here's what Salt Point has to offer!

Salt Point Options

With five different options, Salt Point begins you quality cocktails in a can.

First up, we have the Salt Point Moscow Mule. The Salt Point Moscow Mule is simple. It's vodka, ginger beer, and lime. But what makes it so special, is the perfect amount of each ingredient!

Next, we have the Salt Point Gin Highball. It's a complex, yet approachable, mix of gin, cucumber, lemon, and a splash of seltzer. Many say it's a gin drink that just doesn't taste like gin. Try it out to see what they mean.

Next, we have the Salt Point Greyhound! The Greyhound is a simple, refreshing option made with premium vodka, grapefruit, lime, and carbonated water.

Then, we have the Salt Point Tequila Margarita. Everyone loves a margarita when they're sitting poolside. This one is made with tequila, house-made triple sec, lime, and the right touch of carbonation!

And finally, we have Salt Point Cape Cod. Vodka, cranberry, lime, and seltzer. It's simple and balanced with just the right amount of tart and sweet.

All of the options above are 10% ABV and available in 4-packs!

Happy Hour Cocktails

Happy Hour is a line of refreshing tequila seltzers that are meant to be enjoyed at any hour! They're made with real tequila that comes from a craft distillery in Jalisco, Mexico!

Let's see what Happy Hour has to offer us!

Happy Hour Options

Happy Hour has four options that are all 1g of sugar and only 99 calories. They're all made with premium Blanco tequila and real juice.

First up, we have the Happy Hour Margarita Tequila Seltzer. The Margarita Tequila Seltzer is balanced, smooth, and refreshing. You can enjoy it on its own or use it as your base to make a flavored margarita!

Next, we have the Happy Hour Sharp Lime Tequila Seltzer. Sharp Lime Tequila Seltzer is crisp, salty, and citrusy. It's balanced between sweet and simple from the burst of lime. It's perfect as a base for a Lime Mojito.

Next, we have the Happy Hour Passionfruit Tequila Seltzer. It's sweet and tangy. It's bursting with flavor. Use it as a base to make a Tequila Sunrise.

And finally, we have the Happy Hour Grapefruit Tequila Seltzer. I love a good grapefruit cocktail! The Grapefruit Tequila Seltzer is fresh, tangy, and subtly sweet. It's balanced, light, and smooth. Make a Paloma using this seltzer as a base and you won't be disappointed.

Each flavor is 5% ABV and is available in a 4-pack.

Eager to try them all? Try the Happy Hour Variety Pack. The Happy Hour Variety Pack comes with 2 Margarita, 2 Sharp Lime, 2 Passionfruit, and 2 Grapefruit. Try them all and decide which is your favorite!

Honorable Mentions

There's a lot more where that came from! The market is full of different canned cocktails to choose from. Here are a few more popular options that we didn't get to.

First up, we have the Slow & Low Rock canned Old-Fashioned. The classic cocktail is made with straight rye whiskey, rock candy, raw honey, angostura bitters, and orange peel.

Next, we have Fling Craft Cocktails. Fling Craft Cocktails is part of the Boulevard Brewing Co. There are five different cocktails to choose from. One popular option is the Blood Orange Vodka Soda. And the packaging is a whole vibe on its own!

And finally, since the espresso-style martini seems to be all the rage now-a-days, I had to include an espresso martini canned cocktail for you all! Here are two options!

Kahlúa makes bar-quality espresso-style martinis that will give you the experience of a bar cocktail right at home. It's made with Kahlúa, vodka, coffee, and the perfect amount of nitro foam!

And finally, we have the Deloce Espresso Martini. Made with cold-pressed Colombian espresso and vodka, it's a rich, complex, and smooth cocktail. It's an espresso martini canned cocktail that you won't want to miss.


Are you looking for some refreshing canned cocktails? Visit the Liquorama website to check out our wide selection of delicious canned cocktails! Get your favorites shipped right to your door! We have your favorite beer, wine, and spirits!