Quinta Do Noval Noval Black Port Rated 91W&S

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Wine & Spirits Review
Rated 91
Christian Seely recently introduced this wine in New York as a rethinking of the super-premium, multivintage Porto style. Black replaces LB, Noval's former entry in this range, and uses top-quality fruit to create a soft, accommodating texture. The aromas are purple-black while the flavors are pure black cherry. Acidity spices it up and adds to the juiciness of the finish. It's plump in the middle and supple all the way through, ending on fruit-skin tannin and a touch of chocolate from oak. At the level of many of the region's best LBVs, this wine may become a staple for a new generation of Port drinkers.

Wine Tasting Notes
Noval BLACK is a clear expression of the Noval style, which emphasizes the quality of the fruit. It has a revolutionary style and from when it was first introduced in 2010, Noval BLACK has helped generate interest in the use of Port in cocktails, harking back to the history of Port's use on the back bar a century ago, and with its complexity and balance adding a dynamic new element in today's cocktail utopia. It shows bright aromatics and fresh and juicy fruit flavors combined with floral and spicy notes.
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