Ramos-Pinto Quinta do Bom Retiro 20 Year Old Tawny Port Rated 98DM

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Decanter Magazine Review
Rated 98
Resplendent with its pale amber-tawny hue and just a glint of orange; appetising savoury aromas of lightly toasted almonds and slightly caramelised, mellifluous fruit; fine and delicate, super-suave with that beautifully melded savoury-sweet fruit (the hallmark of great tawny) and an incredibly long, fresh, elegant finish. Finely and perfectly poised.

Wine Tasting Notes
This wine has a tawny color with a yellow halo that signifies an advanced stage of maturity. This is the genuine color of a 20-year-old cask-aged wine. It has a warm red color with a slight orange tone at the bottom of the glass. There is a lively aroma with a velvety texture. The aromas include those of fruit (grapefruit, apricot, almond, hazelnut and cocoa bean); wood (vanilla, old Port wine casks and phenol), roasted aromas such as cinnamon, caramel and coffee; and ethereal aromas of stearin and iodine. Smooth and dry in the mouth, the wine is complemented by a rich and generous persistence of flavor. It has a fine and delicious attack. The elegance of the first contact with the palate is maintained through a complex sequence of ripe and dried fruits and nuts in a fresh and licorice-like harmony.
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