Maui Wine Maui Splash Sweet Pineapple Wine NV (Hawaii)

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Wine Tasting Notes
The development of the Maui Splash Sweet Pineapple was one of continual transformation. Over the years, Splash has changed not only in its style but also in its use and application. Originally developed as a bar mixer for Makena Resort, it was a very sweet wine. In time, it was introduced into the tasting room as a type of cooler or spritzer and was actually poured along with lemon-lime soft drinks. Eventually, the desire to have the wine stand on its own created what we now have today - a sweet, but not overly sweet, pineapple wine with a touch of the fragrant passion fruit. An easy-to-drink wine to say the least. A wine for any occasion - an aperitif, the perfect pairing for fresh fruit and soft cheeses, delightful with desserts and just the right wine for sipping on the beach!

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  • Sheila Kellogg

    Love this wine! Different and very summer like! Refreshing! Slight hint of pineapple but not overwhelming. Brings back awesome memories of Maui!!!! It reminds me a bit of a Hawaiian Sangria! Haha! Great wine!!!!

    3rd Jun 2019