Joto One Cup Graffiti Cup Futsushu Sake 200ML

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Wine Tasting Notes
This sake is made by Marumoto Brewery, in Okayama Prefecture. Brewmaster and president, Niichiro Marumoto, is known for his creative approach to sake making; from growing his own sake rice right outside the brewery to pioneering the science of Sparkling Sake. The Joto One cup is another example of Marumoto's expertise in combining tradition and innovation in one delicious sake. This one-cup sake is the best selling one-cup sake in Okayama prefecture. Joto One-cup sake is packaged in an eye-catching single serve container designed by the Japanese graffiti artist, Shiro. Joto One Cup shows old and new Japan in one.

Light and fresh, notes of juicy green grape and watermelon. Serve chilled or warmed. Great with bar snacks like salted nuts, potato chips, and bacalao.
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