Ghost Pepper Infused Blanco Tequila 750ml

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Soft Silky Texture balanced with mysterious subtleties from the Far East will leave your palate wandering through the dark streets with a bright light. Mineralized under palate highlighted by citrus notes of lemongrass with a hint of lime are followed by an intriguing approach of heat. Notes of Black and Pink Peppercorn are beautifully interwoven with Pomegranate to create a finish that is formulated like a gorgeously choreographed dance that will leave you breathless. (Greg Neises - Tequila Ambassador)

80 Proof

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  • Paula

    Had this recently at a cool bar and it made the best spicy margaritas! Yum!

    24th Sep 2018
  • 5

    Thought this was going to be extremely spicy but was extremely balanced. This is my go to tequila now. I love it on its own or in a Paloma

    24th Sep 2018
  • Derrick

    So easy to make. Even spice and smooth tequila. You won't regret it!

    4th Jun 2018