Doom's American Blended Whiskey 750ml

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  • EYE: Medium caramel with medium legs
  • NOSE: Warm and inviting bourbon spice. Caramel with some honey and graham cracker. Hints of corn, vanilla, and a touch of tropical fruit and a very light rye.
  • TASTE: Lot of warm caramel, vanilla, and delightful bourbon spice. Corn, honey, rye, and malt sit side by side with some light orchid fruit flavors. A bit of clove and a slight yeastiness rounds out the earthly undertones.
  • FEEL: Smooth and warm with minimal burn.
  • FINISH: Caramel and sweet toffee fading to soft oak and corn.

100 Proof Rye Blended Whiskey

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  • Jamie Foster

    I am a Vodka girl so my friend said this is a great way to try Whiskey seriously for the first time and it was smooth and delicious and I appreciate being turned onto it in style.

    1st Nov 2018
  • Charles

    Delivery was quick and and in a secure box. Whiskey was smooth however priced a tad high for quality it delivers. I was expecting better due to all the hype about how great it is and the price being high. So Im docking one star due to price, but it is a must have bottle if you have a whiskey bar.

    30th Aug 2018
  • Andy wallace

    This is one of my favorites right now! Good for a stiff shot (I take 2 ice cubes)... don’t see any reason to mix it. It’s non-trivial, being 100 proof, but tastes good and goes down easy. Try a bottle!

    18th Jun 2018