Wyoming Whiskey Outryder American Straight Whiskey 750ml

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Outryder Whiskey is truly unique in the world of American whiskey. It combines elements of both Rye Whiskey and High Rye Bourbon to create a one-of-a-kind spirit. The flavor profile is distinct, with a blend of rye spice and creamy bourbon notes that make it perfect for sipping or mixing in cocktails. This Straight American Whiskey from Wyoming Whiskey is a standout choice for any occasion, whether you're at the ranch, the racetrack, or anywhere else you may find yourself.
  • COLOR: copper to mahogany
  • NOSE: pumpernickel bread with melted butter, honey aromas of beeswax candles with orange blossom pollen, and warm cherry cobbler
  • PALATE: hot chocolate, yeast biscuits drizzled with dark molasses, honeyed hay, and roasted cumin in brown butter
  • MOUTHFEEL: medium viscosity with lots of caramelized wood sugars together with gentle rye spiciness
  • FINISH: long and warming, with lingering flavors of maple syrup over French toast
100 Proof

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