10th Mar 2022

Whiskey Lovers Share Their Experience With Howler Head Whiskey

Whiskey Lovers Share Their Experience With Howler Head Whiskey

Have you ever heard of banana-infused whiskey? Think of freshly baked banana bread to give you an idea of how the whiskey could taste if paired with the natural flavors of banana. The truth is, the real stuff tastes even better than you could imagine!

The creators of Howler Head thought of their youth, the heat of summer, and tropical adventures when they came up with the newest, sensational, jungle-bananarama goodness. The infused banana flavors in their high-quality Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is an invention that's one of a kind.

If you are ready to experience an amazing shot of bourbon whiskey with a distinct banana flavor, Howler Head is the spirit for you. But before you try the jungle-bananarama awesomeness, you might want to know more about what experienced drinkers have to say in terms of its taste, uniqueness, origin, and how they like to indulge in it.

Where Did the Howler Head Whiskey Originate?

Howler Head whiskey is the fastest-growing flavored whiskey brand in North America. It is produced in North Charleston, South Carolina and distributed by Wooler Brands Inc. The delicious libation starts with a Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey base, then is infused with natural banana flavors.

Launched in 2020, Howler Head banana-infused whiskey has an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 40%. It has already made waves in several states in the United States and the United Arabs Emirates, a clear indication of its quality and popularity.

Shortly after its release onto the market, those who know a premium product when it hits their taste buds found Howler Head exceptionally delicious. The CEO of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Dana White, was intrigued and delighted by the flavored banana bourbon whiskey. He fell in love with the unique and satisfying drink and has since made Howler Head the official flavored whiskeypartner of the UFC.

How Does Banana Flavor-Infused Howler Head Taste?

Most drinkers find that as soon as they open a bottle of Howler Head, the rich Kentucky bourbon aroma hits their nose to remind them that what they are about to enjoy is not cheap liquor. As they bring the drink closer, they can smell the natural aroma and sweetness of the signature ingredient: banana.

After the first sip, the drinker experiences the genuine classic flavor Howler Head promises. The drinker will note a nice whirl of sweetness and hints of oak as the whiskey and banana infusion dominates their mouths. The hot and sweet taste keeps drinkers on edge, but leaves them loving every bit of it.

Have you seen the screaming ape on the attention-grabbing labeling? The bourbon whiskey 750ml bottle design with attractive red and cream colors strikes the eye. It is a clear indication that Howler Head is here to stir things up and give you a unique experience.

How Do Experienced Drinkers Like Howler Head Banana-Flavored Whiskey Prepared?

There is a good reason drinkers love Howler Head banana-flavored whiskey; it tastes great on its own, but also allows them to make really interesting and unique cocktails for any occasion. Experienced drinkers can add more glam and taste to the Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey by making cocktails. Here are some of the bestcocktails that top the list.

Howler Head Espresso Martini

ThisEspresso Martini is a caffeinated cocktail made with Howler Head banana-infused bourbon, chilled espresso, coffee liqueur, and sugar syrup. Garnish with two or three coffee beans to add a little flare.

Howler Head Old Fashioned

Making an Old Fashioned with Howler Head puts a new spin on an old favorite. The ingredients needed to prepare are the banana-infused bourbon whiskey, simple syrup, orange bitters, Angostura bitters, and an orange peel, cherry, or both to garnish.

Howler Head Mint Julep

Originally, a Mint Julep was intended to be a digestive aid. Over time, drinkers have seen it as the best beverage to indulge in when craving a refreshing treat. With the delicate mix of banana-infused bourbon whiskey, simple syrup, and mint, drinkers go the traditional route and enjoy a flavor-rich but straightforward drink.

Howler Head Manhattan

The Howler Head Manhattan is a classic cocktail that looks suave. To prepare it, mix Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey with some sweet vermouth, some bitters, and use an orange twist or maraschino cherry to garnish. Serve it up or on the rocks.

Howler Head Sour

The classic sour cocktail will hit the right spot for experienced drinkers. The sour cocktail flavors explode perfectly in the mouth with bourbon whiskey, simple syrup, and any type of citrus juice. Add an egg white foam to elevate this cocktail to sophisticated levels.

Howler Head Sazerac

Although the original sazerac drinks were intended to be medicinal concoctions, modern drinkers achieve a rich libation and light buzz. The ingredients needed are bourbon whiskey, some rye, simple syrup, and bitters.

What Makes Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Stand Out?

Howler Head is a high-quality and carefully crafted whiskey that perfectly balancesalcohol content and flavor profile. Howler Head makers have a keen eye for detail and bottle the whiskey at a sweet spot of 40% alcohol by volume or 80 proof (unlike other whiskey brands that stop at 70 proof).

Howler Head Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a special product. Aged for two years in American oak barrels and toasted with an aggressive #4 alligator char, it is without a doubt the real deal. The whiskey is blended with natural banana flavor to enhance the complexity even more for a smooth and delicious banana flavor sure to knock you off your feet.

Howler Head is dedicated to giving people an explosion of flavors they won't find anywhere else.

Are You Ready for the Jungle Flavor That Will Make You Go Bananas?

Are you ready for a banana bourbon whiskey made of the best stuff and the right kick? Howler Head banana-infused Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey should be your new preferred drink. The unique whiskey comes with natural banana flavors that break convention and bring a whole new vibe to the whiskey industry.

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