28th Jul 2022

Sangria Wine For Those Warm Summer Nights

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Sangria Wine For Those Warm Summer Nights

Sangria is perfect for warm summer nights. Nothing like a nice cold beverage, preferably something that's spiked, while you're lounging out on a hot summer night. Doesn't that sound lovely?

Let's get to know Sangria Wine so you can enjoy some this summer!

A Little Sangria History

Invented in Spain, Traditional Spanish Sangria is similar to a spiked punch and has grown quite popular. They say that it was the Romans who started the Sangria trend. They were quite fond of Spanish wine and took a liking to mix whatever they had on hand with the wine. Eventually, this resulted in the creation of Sangria Wine.

Dating to roughly 200 B.C., Sangria is a wine-based punch that includes red wine, chopped fruits, and generally, whatever was on hand. Sometimes that consisted of spices or other spirits.

Other spirits were usually used to make it stronger and spike it with higher alcohol content. The red wine that was generally used was Rioja wine.

The fruits that are mixed in can consist of quite literally any fruit that you have on hand. Fresh fruits like peaches, nectarines, oranges, apples, and many others are usually the classic fruits included in a traditional Spanish Sangria recipe.

So, hey, if you happen to have a cantaloupe sitting on your kitchen counter, don't be afraid to throw it into your Sangria.

Eventually, Sangria expanded and people experimented with using white wine or even sparkling wine instead of the classic red wine.

Now, Sangria is versatile. You can buy a bottle just as easily as you could make it at home. It's easy, refreshing, and transports you to a Spanish vacation!

Sangria Options

Are you looking for a refreshing, delicious Sangria to enjoy this summer? Here are some popular options to choose from to satisfy your cravings!

We have the Glunz De la Costa Sangria options, the Reál Sangria Cruz Garcia options, Yellow Tail Sangria options, Bodega de San Antonio Sangria options, and finally, the Beringer Main & Vine Sangria options. Let's see what each brand has to offer.

Glunz De la Costa Sangria

Glunz De la Costa Sangria is first on our list of prospective Sangrias'. The Glunz Family Winery story starts in 1871.

Throughout the years, several different family members dabbled in and out of the wine industry, whether that was selling, bottling, or labeling wine, among other things. It wasn't until 1992 that they fully delved into the wine-making industry.

The Glunz Family Winery resides in Paso Robles, California, on over 20 acres of land.

Now, the Glunz Family Winery carries three different Sangria options.

De la Costa Red Sangria

With 11% alcohol, the De la Costa Red Sangria is bursting with flavors of cherries and berries. The finish lingers with citrus and sweetness. Made with a California Red Wine and natural fruit flavors, the De la Costa Red Sangria is delicious with essences of orange, lemon, and lime.

De la Costa White Sangria

Next, we have the De la Costa White Sangria. At 11% alcohol, the White Sangria is made with a base of Sauvignon Blanc. It's ripe with a bursting citrus flavor and balanced with a hint of sweetness. Using a White Blend Varietal, the White Wine and natural fruit flavors are refreshing by nature.

De la Costa Rose Sangria

We also have the De la Costa Rose Sangria. Rose Sangrias are not always as prominent as red and white sangrias. Nonetheless, they are delicious. The Rose Sangria is made from a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Zinfandel. Like the others, the Rose Sangria is also 11% alcohol.

Reál Sangria Cruz Garcia

Cruz Garcia's Reál Sangria is an authentic option that takes on the task of making a traditional Spanish Sangria. The Sangria came to be in 1964 and has done very well since launching.

Reál Sangria has two different options, a Red Sangria and a White Sangria.

Reál Sangria Red

The Reál Sangria Red is a popular option that uses a Red Spanish Wine base and full, well-rounded fruit flavors to create a balanced Sangria. The citrus notes mixed with the refreshing fruit flavors make for a delicious drink during the warm summer months. The Red Sangria is 7.5% alcohol.

Enjoy it in a jug of ice!

Reál Sangria White

The Reál Sangria White is made with a White Spanish Wine option, fresh fruits, and citrus. It's light, sweet, and deliciously balanced. The White Sangria option is 8.0% alcohol.

Serve in a jug of ice!

[yellow tail] Sangria

Yellow Tail is a family-owned winery that's located in Yenda, Australia. The Casela Family has been in the wine-making industry for six generations. That's a lot of generations!

In 1957, the Casela's, Filippo and Maria, made a move from Sicily to Australia and, well, the rest is history! Wine-making magic took its course! The Casela Family prides itself on making wine that brings families closer together.

Now, let's get to know the Yellow Tail Sangrias'.

[yellow tail] Red Sangria

The Yellow Tail Red Sangria is inspired by Spanish Sangria, the traditional kind! What happens when you take a premium red wine and add a splash of citrus?

You get a Yellow Tail Sangria. The citrus of mandarin and oranges along with the hint of red fruits creates a refreshingly sweet Sangria.

Serve it in a jug filled with ice and sliced lemons and oranges.

[yellow tail] White Sangria

What sets the Yellow Tail White Sangria apart from the Yellow Tail Red Sangria? The bursting mango flavor!

Also inspired by traditional Spanish Sangria, the White Sangria is made with premium white wine and a splash of peach and citrus.

The White Sangria is sweet, tropical, and deliciously balanced with flavors of mango, peach, and a hint of orange.

Enjoy the White Sangria in a jug of ice with sliced fresh fruit. And don't forget to add sliced lime or lemons. Or both for some extra punch!

Bodega de San Antonio Sangria

Bodega de San Antonio Sangria is part of the infamous San Antonio Winery. The San Antonio Winery has been making wine for over 100 years. In fact, the San Antonio Winery is not only the largest but the oldest operating winery in Los Angeles.

Heard of Stella Rosa? I'm sure we all have. Well, the San Antonio Winery is responsible for Stella Rosa and many other wines, including San Simeon Wines, Windstream Wines, and La Quinta Wines.

Today, four generations of Ribolis continue to contribute to the family business.

Bodega Sangria

Bodega de San Antonio® Sangria Tradicional is a delicious option if you're looking for a traditional sangria. Bursting with flavors of lemon, lime, and orange, the Bodega Sangria is refreshing, made with semi-sweet wine, and is 100% natural.

Bodega Sangria is best chilled or served over ice. Slice up some delicious fresh fruit or some citrus slices for the ultimate experience!

Beringer Main & Vine Sangria

Part of Treasury Wine Estates, Beringer Wine is one of the main brands under their belt. Beringer launched a new branch, known as Main & Vine, a few years ago. It's fun, spirited, and full of flavor.

Main & Vine has a wine for every occasion.

Beringer Main & Vine Rosé Sangria

First up, we have the Beringer Main & Vine Rosé Sangria. Made with rosé wine, the Rosé Sangria is made with fresh, fruity flavors, including notes of melon and berry. It's slightly sweet and bursting with flavor.

Serve it in a jug of ice with fresh fruit. It's best with sliced melon, berries, and citrus.

Beringer Main & Vine Red Sangria

Next, we have the Beringer Main & Vine Red Sangria. Made with delicious red wine, it's bold and fruity. With citrus and spices, the Red Sangria will have your taste buds begging for more.

Serve it in a jug with ice or a glass with ice. Serve with chopped citrus and apples.

If enjoying it during the colder season, Beringer Main & Vine claims that it's delicious when served warm with cloves and cinnamon.

Sangria Recipes

Want to make Sangria at home? Here are two recipes for a white and red Sangria that you can make right at home.

Red Wine Sangria Recipe

Prep Time: 15 Minutes

Total Time: At least 2 Hours 15 Minutes (Minimum of 2 Hours in the fridge)

Starting with the Red Wine Sangria recipe, here is what you'll need to impress all of your guests, or maybe even just yourself, with a delicious, refreshing, and fruitful Sangria! Here is what you'll need:

1 750 ml Bottle of Spanish Red Wine (Preferably Something Dry, Rioja, Garnacha, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Pinot Noir work well.)

1/2 Cup of Brandy

1/2 Cup of Triple Sec (Optional if you want some extra orange flavor.)

1/2 Cup of Orange Juice

1/4 Cup of Simple Syrup or Sugar (Depending on how sweet you want your Sangria, add less or more. Taste as you

1 Sliced Apple

1 Sliced Orange

1 Sliced Lemon

1-2 Cups of Lemon-Lime Soda or Sparkling Water (Optional)

  1. Into a pitcher, add your fruits, brandy, orange juice, and simple syrup. Also, if you decided to include Triple Sec, add it as well!
  2. Stir everything together.
  3. Refrigerate for at least a couple of hours or overnight before serving! You want the flavors to marinate with one another!
  4. Add a cup or so of ice when ready to serve! Enjoy!
  5. Read the side notes to be extra prepared! There are many ways to go about making Sangria!

Side note: Before you start making anything, here are a few things to note. You can use just about any fresh fruit that you wish. You can add berries, peaches, nectarines, and basically, any other fruit. You're encouraged to do so. Some people even add pomegranate seeds. It's all up to you!

Another Sidetone: Whether you decide to muddle your fruit is up to you. Some people don't muddle and just toss in their sliced fruits and let them be. Again, it's really up to you!

And finally, the last side note: If you prefer a bubbly Sangria, you can add a lemon-lime soda or sparkling water to your Sangria right before serving. This will make your Sangria nice and fizzy!

White Wine Sangria Recipe

Prep Time: 15 Minutes

Total Time: At least 2 Hours 15 Minutes (Minimum of 2 Hours in the fridge)

Moving on to the White Wine Sangria Recipe! This White Wine Sangria recipe will impress your guests equally! Both are deliciously refreshing! For the White Wine Sangria, you'll need:

1 750 ml Bottle of White Wine

1/4 cup Peach Schnapps or any Fruit Liqueur

1/4 cup Brandy

1/4 cup Simple Syrup or Sugar (More or less, depending on your personal preference of sweetness)

1 cup Berries (Any berries will do.)

1 Large Peach (sliced)

1 Large Orange (sliced)

1 Lime (sliced)

2 cups Sparkling Water or Club Soda

  1. In a large pitcher, add all your fruits, wine, fruit liqueur of your choosing, brandy, and simple syrup.
  2. Refrigerate for at least two hours, preferably overnight, before serving. You want the flavors to marinate with one another.
  3. Before serving, add ice and sparkling water or club soda to make your Sangria fizzy.
  4. Enjoy!

Side note: The infamous side note is back! Again, use any fresh fruit that you wish! These are some of the more common ones, but anything works! Some recipes call for just the brandy or the fruit liqueur. It's up to you whether to add both, one, or the other! Taste as you go!

Sangria Pairings

We love knowing what to pair our drinks with. What you drink with your meal makes the meal infinitely better. Am I right?

Here are some pairings that taste exceptionally well with Sangria!

Sangria pairs well with many different things. Anything from seafood to a cheese platter will work well as a lovely pairing.

Serving tapas? Sangria pairs well.

Serving spicy food or even just chips and guacamole? Sangria pairs well.

Sandwiches, meatballs, lobster, creamy pasta, or even a simple fruit platter, sangria goes with it all.


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