16th Mar 2022

Get To Know El Jimador Tequila

Get To Know El Jimador Tequila

What does tequila mean to you? For some people, it means sipping it neat or on the rocks after dinner. To others, it means enjoying a shot in celebration. And for many, it is the main event in some of their favorite cocktails, like a margarita or gimlet. Whatever the case, drinking tequila in any form means an explosion of tastes and with the signature flavor, agave, shining through.

If you are a tequila enthusiast looking for originality, you should try El Jimador. A world-famous tequila, El Jimador is made with dedication and passion. Every drop of the spirit is extracted from the blue Weber agave plant and doesn’t contain added sugars or other additives.

El Jimador is the best-selling tequila in Mexico that is budget-friendly. It does exceptionally well in authenticity, aroma, and taste.

El Jimador Tequila Rich History

The name of the tequila comes from the people who are integral to making it. A jimador is a farmer who harvests agave plants. It takes years of practice and dedication to become a true jimador and master harvester worthy of the name. El Jimador tequila honors the hard work of the people who make it possible.

El Jimador was originally produced at the distillery Casa Herradura in Amatitán, Jalisco. The name came from Aurelio Lopez Rosales, a worker at Hacienda San Jose Del Refugio. The hacienda was known for making tequila that was quite expensive.

When inspecting the agave fields, Aurelio saw a sparkling object from afar. At a nearer glance, it was a horseshoe, but to him, it was a sign of good luck. When he later took over the hacienda, he remained the distillery Casa Herradura (horseshoe in Spanish).

Inspired by the dedication, commitment, and passion the people who worked in the hacienda showed, Casa Herradura created El Jimador tequila in their honor in 1994. They wanted to create a tequila accessible to all people. Within five years since the distillery’s first bottle, El Jimador became the number one selling tequila in Mexico.

El Jimador Tequila Distilling Process

When we talk tequila, we must talk about the agave plant; it is the beginning and the end. The first step in achieving the smooth, silky El Jimador isplanting agave offshoots from the mother plant. Just like how generations of jimadores pass their skills and craftsmanship, generations of blue Weber agave plants have gone into making El Jimador tequila over the years.

The agave plants take 8–10 years to reach their prime. Using a coa (a sharp tool for harvesting), jimadores cut off the plant's leaves, exposing its core, commonly known as the heart or piña. At this point, jimadores determine if the fruit of the blue Weber agave plant is mature enough for harvesting. If not, the plant is left to fuller mature.

The freshly harvested hearts undergo a slow crushing process to release their natural sugars and sweet caramel juices. The juices (commonly known as mosto) are placed in open-air tanks before the fermentation. At this point, nature offers one of its best surprises: natural fermentation. The wild yeast floating in the air starts the fermentation process, bringing the juices to life.

The naturally fermented juices undergo a vital step, the distillation process. El Jimador tequila passes through two distillation processes to remove every impurity, leaving it looking crystal-clear, but maintaining the same natural and crisp flavors.

The next step is aging. At this point, El Jimador silver tequila (Blanco) is bottled for the impatient drinkers. The unaged drink delivers a crisp taste, citrus notes, and agave freshness. On the other hand, El Jimador Reposado is aged for two to twelve months and El Jimador Añejo undergoes the aging process in American whiteoak barrels for three years.

Theaging process removes any harsh flavors while adding distinct wood notes from the barrel. The result is a rich color and deeper flavors that make El Jimador stand out.

How Does El Jimador Taste?

As mentioned earlier, El Jimador Blanco (silver) tequila has a sparkling clarity because it is double distilled before being bottled. It is perfect for sipping and exceptionally good for making cocktails and margaritas because it does not undergo barrel aging before bottling. The fermented blue agave juices have freshness and aromas straight from the plants.

The drink has a citrus flavor with pepper and papaya smells, but the agave truly dominates the aromatic and fresh expressions. A shot of El Jimador Blanco leaves the mouth feeling warm and sharp, but with distinctive softness. It also pushes the palate with mint and slightly smoky flavors.

El Jimador Reposado tequila, on the other hand, has a golden color and can be considered full bodied. After barrel aging prior to being bottled, it delivers toasted oak, cooked agave, and vanilla spices on the nose. Additionally, a single shot brings a smooth palate with a roasted hazelnut note, oak spices, and vanilla. Its finish is exceptionally long, with warm seasoned flavors.

El Jimador Añejo delivers on expectations, and the exquisite golden tone and smooth flavors are worth the wait. The hints of morello cherry, violets, cassia bark, and sandalwood accelerate the urge to take the first sip. The creamy vanilla, soft spices, linseed oils, and pepper awakens the palate. The drink leaves a peppery, rich finish with a confident agave flavor that dominates the mouth.

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