1st Apr 2022

FAQs About Blackened Whiskey

FAQs About Blackened Whiskey

Blackened Whiskey is an American whiskey by the band Metallica and Dave Pickerell, a legendary artisan whiskey distiller and finisher. It is a mixture of the finest bourbons, straight whiskeys, and exceptional ryes originally hand-selected by Dave and finished in black brandy barrels for several weeks. Each of the whiskeys is critical to the end whiskey product as they play a key role in the final spirit, flavor profile, and feel.

What makes Blackened American whiskey truly unique is the fact it is sonically enhanced with the earth-shattering music of Metallica through a process called BLACK NOISE™. Metallica music is blasted during the maturation stage so it can seep deep into whiskey. The sound waves of the music make the whiskey blend interact with the wooden barrels to gain additional wood flavor characteristics. The resulting whiskey product provides a truly unique flavor and rock attitude.

Does Metallica Have a Liquor?

BLACKENED® American Whiskey is a joint venture from Metallica and the late master distiller Dave Pickerell.

What Is Metallica's Whiskey?

Blackened Whiskey is a product of a collaboration between Metallica Band and the late Dave Pickerell. Metallica's music inspires it and is played during the maturation stage. Every Blackened whiskey batch comes with a playlist available to stream and download.

Does Metallica Own Blackened Whiskey?

Blackened Whiskey was jointly owned by the Metallica band and artisan distiller Dave Pickerell. Metallica came together with Dave in 2018 to start the venture and branded the whiskey after one of their songs. Sadly, Dave has since passed away.

Is Blackened a Whiskey?

Blackened is a blend of selected whiskeys, bourbons, and ryes first chosen by Dave Pickerell himself. Now, Rob Dietrich chooses the spirits to closely match the original recipe. The blend is then finished in black brandy casks that give it an apricot note. Blackened American whiskey is predominately bourbon, which provides a unique flavor due to its high rye content.

Who Is Rob Dietrich?

Rob Dietrich is the master distiller of Blackened. He took over the position in 2019 after the death of Dave Pickerell. He is experienced in traditional distilling methods and uses the knowledge to steer Blackened Whiskey forward and safeguard the original whiskey recipes by Dave.

What Type of Whiskey Is Blackened?

Blackened is a blend of straight whiskeys finished in black brandy casks. It is a mixture of whiskeys, ryes, and straight bourbons hand-picked by a master distiller. Each of the components, including the whiskeys, offer unique flavor to the final Metallica whiskey.

Is Blackened Whiskey a Bourbon?

Blackened whiskey by Metallica is a blend of ryes and straight bourbons from hand-selected distilleries across North America. The blend is finished in black brandy casks.

Is Blackened Whiskey Made by Metallica?

Sweet Amber Distilling Company makes Blackened American whiskey in Miniville, New York. It is named after one of the legendary heavy metal band's songs. Metallica's component whiskeys are sourced from numerous distinguished North American distillers.

Is Blackened Whiskey Worth It?

Blackened by Metallica whiskey has an average rating of 7.7/10 and is 90 proof. The bottle has an intriguing label and is pleasantly attractive. It is reasonably priced compared to other whiskeys of its caliber.

The blackened liquor has terrific notes with a subtle entry in an oaky tone and a punch of caramel. The aging in barrels gives it a fruity aroma while the palate makes an excellent first impression, which continues to deliver with subsequent sips.

The mid-palate produces a citrus flavor, leaving you with a soft mouthfeel. Metallica Blackened Whiskey is an excellent pick for any serious whiskey lover.

How Many Bottles Are in a Batch of Blackened?

Each batch of Metallica's Blackened Whiskey has 5,000 bottles. Since the inaugural "081" batch, about forty-eight more batches have been made so far, the latest being the "BXM." The first batch was dedicated to the year the band was formed – 1981. Each batch has an accompanying playlist that inspires its taste.

How Does the Playlist Work?

The Metallica band chooses an accompanying playlist for each Blackened Whiskey batch to be played during the maturation process. While the Blackened American whiskey is finishing in black brandy barrels, the sound waves create an intense reaction between the whiskey and the wood, thus invoking a more wood flavor character. You can download or stream the playlist for each batch atblackenedwhiskey.com,Apple Music, andSpotify. Nothing pairs with Blackened American whiskey like the heavy metal of Metallica.

Does Blackened Whiskey Come in a Box?

The Batch 100 has a limited-edition box packaging for Blackened Whiskey to commemorate the BLACKENED® American Whiskey Batch 100.

How Should I Drink Blackened Whiskey?

There are many ways to enjoy your Blackened American whiskey. The blend of whiskeys offer unique flavor that can be savored on its own. You can ask for a shot, a shot and a beer, neat, or even make a cocktail. Blackened American Whiskey in cocktails has a range of possibilities, including Manhattan, mint julep, Old Fashioned, whiskey sour, and many others. If you are a huge Metallica fan, the idea of the music combining with the whiskey cannot be beat.

Where Is Blackened Whisky Made?

Blackened American whiskey is bottled by Sweet Amber Distilling Co. in Mineville, NY. The selected whiskeys are well-aged, and the bourbons are the finest. The finishing process can take up to several weeks.

Where Can I Buy Blackened Whiskey?

You can buy Blackened Whiskey online atLiquorama. We are a family-owned wine, beer, and spirits online store. We proudly carry Blackened American whiskey and can ship it straight to your door.

Final Word

Blackened American Whiskey is a special whiskey that offers an outstanding flavor and smooth finish. If you are looking for something fresh and different from the usual whiskeys, it has to be theBlackened Whiskey.