5th Oct 2023

Enjoy Casamigos Drinks?: The Story Behind George Clooney's Tequila Company

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Enjoy Casamigos Drinks?: The Story Behind George Clooney's Tequila Company

Tequila is one of the most beneficial alcoholic drinks out there. It helps your digestive system, makes you feel better, and reduces inflammation. It can even lower your blood sugar because it uses a natural sugar called agave instead of refined alternatives!

Casamigos drinks are some of the highest-quality tequilas out there, and they have a rich history. Read on to learn the ins and outs of this tequila brand made by George Clooney, its history, and what delicious drinks you can choose from.

What Are Casamigos Drinks?

Casamigos drinks are a type of tequila. The brand produces three styles: Blanco, reposado, and añejo.

Each of these options is made with high-quality Blue Weber agave. This base is between 7-9 years old when producers harvest it.

The agave piñas are put into a brick oven for 72 hours. This process brings out their flavor and gives them the sweet taste that Casamigo enthusiasts love.

The producers then ferment the agave for 80 hours. This is twice the amount of time that most tequilas ferment, which makes Casamigos even stronger and more flavorful than other tequila varieties.

At this point, the cultivated and fermented tequila is placed into barrels and aged for the perfect timeframe to give them an oaky undertone and deliciously strong taste. Blanco's perfect resting time is 2 months while reposado's is 7. Añejo, the most expensive and refined Casamigos tequila, rests for 2 years.

Note that despite its reputation as a tequila brand, Casamigos also produces one other drink: Joven Mezcal. This is their only non-tequila drink, and it's fairly new since it only came onto the market in 2018. Joven Mezcal comes in a black bottle, is made with Espadin agave, and has tastes of pomegranate, tamarind, mango, and banana.

Humble Beginnings

The history of Casamigos is just as rich as its flavor. George Clooney, known for being an actor and director, is a huge fan of tequila. He was talking about this with his friend Rande Gerber, and they thought it would be fun to make their own tequila.

So, that's exactly what they did!

They agreed that no tequila on the market suited them perfectly, and they began discussing what kind of tequila they'd like to taste. It was important to them that the tequila be smooth and not burn their throats when they drank it. They also wanted it to be drinkable either straight or on the rocks so it didn't need to be blended.

They spent the next couple of years sampling recipes for their pet project. During this interval, they tried about 700 different recipes. They tried to drink them straight, make cocktails with them, and come up with new and creative ways to enjoy them.

A Hit With the Masses

Clooney and Gerber didn't mean for their pet project to turn into a brand. They just wanted a top-notch tequila to enjoy on their own. But as their friends sampled their product, they realized that they had a hit product.

They started ordering more than 1000 bottles each year from their producer. These bottles were for their personal use and enjoyment with people they knew. But despite not being a commercial purchase, the producer told them that they'd need a license if they wanted to keep buying such a high quantity of tequila.

That was fine by them. They talked to Mike Meldman, a friend who worked in property development. He helped them launch the brand in 2013.

They called it "Casamigos." The name came from the property where Clooney and Gerber built their homes in Mexico. The name means "house of friends" in Spanish.

An apt name, considering that the enterprise started as a way for friends to connect!

Growth and Development

Clooney, Gerber, and Meldman commercially launched the Casamigos brand in 2013. At this point, the tequila was sold to hyped-up customers looking for something new and delicious.

The brand only grew in 2018, when the global company Diageo acquired it. This was a billion-dollar purchase, so it was a huge leap of faith. Diageo paid a whopping $700 million upfront and promised $300 million in the future if sales were high.

From there, Casamigos became the behemoth that it is today. Tequila is the single most popular type of hard liquor in Mexico, and the brand is beloved there. But people in the US, UK, and many other parts of the world also love the flavor of Casamigos.

Today, anyone with an internet can purchase Casamigos online. Liquorama ships globally, so you can get it sent directly to your home regardless of your geographical area.

The Best Types of Casamigos

Besides their unique Joven Mezcal, the finest drink that Casamigos offers is their Anejo tequila. It retails for about $70, a worthy price for its high-quality pure aromas and complex notes.

This sweet tequila is sweet and delicious, with notes of both caramel and vanilla. The subtle hints of spice also give it a unique flavor when paired with the lingering undertone of the oaky barrel that it fermented in.

However, this is far from the only excellent Casamigos tequila. Their Reposado option, which is around $60, is tailor-made for those who want a medium to long smooth finish. It's oaky, and you can taste cocoa in addition to the sweet caramel flavors that make up most of its profile.

$54.99 Blanca tequila is also a great option for those who want 100% blue agave liquor. It has notes of citrus in addition to vanilla and sweet agave. This makes it crisp and clean, especially when paired with its long smooth finish.

Enjoy George Clooney's Tequila Brand

While there are many tequila varieties on the market, Casamigos drinks are one of the most affordable and delicious options. Their conception and production have been very much a labor of love, and George Clooney wants everyone to be able to pop a bottle and enjoy it.

Now that you know the history of Casamigos tequila, it's time to begin shopping for delicious, high-quality drinks from a reputable online retailer. Contact Liquorama to discuss what Casamigos drinks we can deliver straight to your doorstep.