8th Nov 2022

Did Ciroc Start The Celebrity Spirit Frenzy?

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Did Ciroc Start The Celebrity Spirit Frenzy?

Lately, it seems like one celebrity alcohol releases after the other. Last month, Lenny Kravitz launched his new spirit, Nocheluna Sotol, adding his name to the long list of celebrity alcohol brands.

But what started the frenzy and paved the way for celebrities, alcohol, and the success behind it all? One thing pops into my head when I think about the beginning. Cîroc! And while it may not be the very first to start it all and it may not even be Diddy's by ownership, it was definitely one of the first to connect the the two.

You guessed it; this one is all about Cîroc! We're going to dive right into the maker of Cîroc, how Diddy saved the brand with his marketing, what Cîroc has to offer, and some fun flavored Cîroc cocktail recipes.

The Beginning of Cîroc

I'm sure we've all heard of Cîroc. It's been around for nearly 20 years, and many say it set the standard for celebrity alcohol. Ciroc launched onto the market nearly two decades ago in 2003, but the start of Ciroc wasn't always so glamorous.

While many immediately think of Diddy when it comes to Cîroc, it's surprisingly not Diddy who's responsible for the brand's beginning. It's Jean-Sébastien Robicquet that deserves the recognition. With a degree in Oenology, the study of wines, and Masters in Law, Economics, and Management of the Wine Industry, Jean-Sébastien decided to create a premium vodka, Cîroc Vodka.

So, now, how does Diddy come into play with Cîroc? Diddy, or Sean John Combs, is the reason Ciroc is popular. By 2007, Cîroc decided to reach out to someone to help pump up the sales. Cîroc wasn't doing as well as they expected. They decided to take a chance on Diddy, which seems to have worked out in their favor. Diddy took on the marketing of Cîroc Vodka, and it skyrocketed. Put a bottle in a celebrity's hand and watch the frenzy begin.

Diddy made Ciroc Vodka a success and put it on the map. It only took a couple of years for Cîroc to climb the sales charts. By 2010, Cîroc was number two to the one and only, Grey Goose Vodka.

What Makes Cîroc Different?

So, what sets Ciroc Vodka apart from the rest? Vodka is, for the most part, made with grain. Rye is the most used grain when making vodka, but other grains include sorghum, corn, rice, or wheat. Cîroc doesn't use grain in its distillation process at all. Instead, Cîroc is made using fine French grapes. The fine French grapes add a certain character to the vodka that you won't get with grain! It's a difference you can taste.

Diddy and Cîroc

Now that things are clarified, we know that Diddy was not the creator of Cîroc; however, he is the face. When we see a Cîroc bottle, there's an immediate association with Sean 'Diddy' Combs. Because of Diddy's marketing, we associate the two.

In retrospect, it makes sense that everyone assumed Diddy owned Cîroc.

The question is, did Cîroc start the frenzy of making a celebrity the face of an alcohol brand? Diddy does an exceptional job of marketing the vodka brand, and you'll almost always see him carrying one when he's out, publicly endorsing the brand wherever he goes.

Cîroc was certainly one of the very first brands to bring a celebrity on to handle all of the marketing. You could even say Cîroc is the blueprint. It's the success story of when you add a celebrity to the mix and make it the face. People want what the celebrity is holding.

All sorts of celebrities have joined the trend. Many in the limelight have started their very own alcohol brands. Actor George Clooney is a prime example of success. Casamigos has exploded in the tequila realm. It's not just actors, singers, and rappers though. Connor McGregor, the professional MMA fighter, launched Proper No. 12 Irish Whiskey in 2018 and found quite a success in it.

One of the very first alongside Diddy and Cîroc was Jay Z and D'Usse. But that's a story for another day!

Plot Twist - Ciroc Is More Than Just Vodka

Everyone seems to have the impression that Cîroc is just vodka. How many of you know about Cîroc VS Brandy? I'm going to guess not many, so let's get to know it together.

Cîroc VS Brandy didn't join the Ciroc family until fifteen years after Cîroc's debut. In 2018, Cîroc launched its French brandy. Aged in French oak for at least two years, Cîroc VS Brandy carries notes of fresh fruit and vanilla, a rich mixture when alongside the hints of French oak that come through.

Cîroc Vodka

Let's start off with Cîroc Snap Frost. I know many immediately think of flavors when they think of Cîroc, but let's take a moment to appreciate Cîroc Snap Frost.

Cîroc Snap Frost goes through quite the distillation process. The vodka is distilled five times from, as we mentioned above, fine French grapes. The distillery is located in the South of France at the famous Distillerie de Maison Villevert - Chevanceaux.

There's a slightly sweet undertone that you can taste, and the French grapes that it's made with give the vodka character. It's crisp and smooth enough to enjoy chilled on its own, but it's also adaptable enough to make some killer cocktails! We all know that vodka is a great cocktail base and Cîroc Snap Frost is no stranger to an awesome cocktail!

Popular Cîroc Flavors

Cîroc is undoubtedly known for its delicious flavored vodka. And lucky for us, they have many, many flavors. I'd say they have something for everyone. Alongside their flavors, they have a few limited edition options to choose from as well.

Want something tropical and inviting? Try Cîroc Pineapple or Cîroc Coconut. Looking for something peachy? Try Cîroc Peach!

Let's go over some of the most popular flavored Ciroc Vodka.


Starting with Apple in honor of Diddy's favorite fruit, Cîroc Apple is, like the rest, distilled five times and made with those same fine French grapes. Ciroc Apple is infused with natural flavors to get that prominent apple flavor. It's absolutely delicious chilled or in a cocktail. It's crisp and bursting with flavor. The best part is it's smooth as well as tasty. It's easy and approachable in both shot and cocktail form.

If you're wondering what Cîroc Apple tastes like, think green jolly rancher and you'll get the idea. Cîroc Apple is among the top contenders among all green apple vodkas.

Red Berry

Cîroc Red Berry was one of the very first infused Cîroc flavors to hit that market. It's also one of the most popular of all the Cîroc flavors. Red Berry is a luscious mix of infusions, including flavors of strawberry and raspberry. It's bursting with berry goodness. It's smooth, silky, and tastes like a mixture of wild berries.

Like Cîroc Apple, Red Berry is delicious when chilled on its own as well as in a delicious cocktail. It's summery and ripe with the taste of juicy berries. Is it the best like many claim it is? Try it out and see.

Cîroc Passion

Cîroc Passion is what you need if you're looking for a flavored vodka that's exotic and tropical. It transports you to a sandy beachfront on an island in the middle of the ocean. What happens when some mango and hibiscus mix with juicy pineapple? You get Cîroc Passion!

The bottle stands out among the rest with its features. A beautiful bright gradient from orange to purple makes you do a double-take. It's smooth and perfect for tropical cocktails! Or, if you prefer your flavored vodka on its own, drink it chilled or on the rocks.

There's More!

The three options above are just the beginning of the flavored vodka collection that Cîroc has grown over the years. All of the flavors are well-crafted and infused with natural flavors to really give the vodka a distinct flavor. Some other flavors include:

Limited Edition Cîroc

Cîroc also has some incredible limited-edition options to choose from as well. Here's what we're working with:

Cîroc White Grape

First up, we have Cîroc White Grape. It comes in a beautiful gold bottle that catches the eye. It's perfect for the coming winter months. It's delicate with a floral nature but juicy from the white grapes. You'll also taste some other tropical fruit in the mix.

Add it to some champagne and bitters, and you've got yourself a delicious cocktail.

Cîroc Summer Watermelon

Summer may be over, but you can still get your summertime fix with some summer watermelon vodka. Next up, we have Cîroc Summer Watermelon. This one is ripe, juicy, and full of watermelon flavor. It's perfect for all your summer cocktail needs and it's delicious chilled or on the rocks. It's an adaptable option!

Cîroc Pomegranate

And finally, we have Cîroc Pomegranate. The limited edition Cîroc Pomegranate is another delicious option for the holidays coming up. You won't only taste pomegranate flavor though. You'll also taste notes of red berries and strawberries. It's smooth, sweet, and fruity. The bursting-with-flavor pomegranate vodka comes in a lovely maroon bottle that's perfect on your liquor shelf during the upcoming winter months.

Cîroc Vodka Spritz Ready-To-Go Cocktails

Sometimes, you just need a ready-to-go cocktail without any hassle. So if you're looking, Cîroc has you covered. There are four options to choose from!

If you love tropical vodka spritz cocktails, you'll love these. The four Cîroc flavors are Watermelon Kiwi, Sunset Citrus, Pineapple Passion, and Colada! They're all refreshing and ripe with tropical, fruity flavor! If we know anything about Cîroc by now, it's that Cîroc doesn't mess around when it comes to creating their flavors. And the flavors in these vodka spritz options really pack a punch!

Each option is available in a four-pack! Take it on the go and enjoy it anywhere!

Killer Cocktail Recipes

On to my favorite part, the cocktails!!! I couldn't leave you without a couple delicious cocktail recipes to make! After all, Cîroc is made for cocktails! If you like your cocktails bursting with flavor, check these out.


There are so many cocktails that you can make with Cîroc Apple but sometimes going with a classic is the way to go! An Appletini is classic enough, right? Here's what you'll need for a Cîroc Appletini:

  • 1 1/2 oz Cîroc Apple
  • 3/4 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 3/4 oz simple syrup (adjust to taste)
  • Thin green apple slices.


Grab your cocktail shaker and fill it with some ice! Add your Cîroc Apple, fresh lemon juice, and simple syrup. Because Cîroc Apple is already sweet, adjust your simple syrup to taste depending on your sweet tooth! Shake for about 20 seconds or so until properly chilled. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with a thin slice or two of green apple.

Serve and enjoy this delicious green apple goodness!

Pomegranate Jewel

In honor of pomegranates and their winter ripening, get your limited edition Cîroc Pomegranate out for this delicious cocktail recipe! Cîroc Pomegranate is delightful when chilled or on the rocks. But if you're looking to spruce it up into a cocktail, here's what you'll need:

  • 1 oz Cîroc Pomegranate
  • 1/2 oz grenadine
  • Some sparkling wine
  • A lemon twist


This one is so easy it requires almost no effort!

Grab a flute glass and pour in your Cîroc Pomegranate and grenadine. Stir into well-combined. Top off with sparkling wine and garnish with a lemon twist!

Serve and enjoy!

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