20th Dec 2022

Deep Eddy Lemonade & All The Brand Has To Offer

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Deep Eddy Lemonade & All The Brand Has To Offer

If you had to guess what spirit was the leading seller in the US, what would your guess be? You've got tequila, vodka, whiskey, rum, brandy-and that's just barely scratching the surface. There are so many spirits to choose from, but if you guessed vodka, you'd be correct. Vodka is the most popular liquor sold here in the United States. The top-selling liquor made its way over to the states during World War I and has made its way to the top since then. Vodka started to really boom in the 1950s and kept gaining popularity. By the 1970s, vodka became the top seller in the liquor department.

Are you looking for some quality flavored vodka? Then, you're going to want to stick around and keep reading! Today, we're diving deeply into the Deep Eddy brand and all the goodness it has to offer. If you need to get more familiar with the popular brand, let's get to know it together. It's time to spice up your vodka game!

The Beginning of Deep Eddy Vodka

Let's start at the beginning. Deep Eddy Vodka was launched in 2010. Clayton Christopher and Chad Auler are the two men behind the concept, but they're familiar with the beverage industry. The two men brought two valuable things to the table. Christopher was already in the beverage space with his brand, Sweet Leaf Tea. And Auler already had his foot in the vodka world with his vodka brand, Savvy Vodka. People were already mixing Christopher's sweet tea with vodka, anyway. It made sense to combine the two.

Why not make a ready-to-go flavored vodka that would keep everyone happy? And that's how Deep Eddy got its start. The company is based in Texas, but Deep Eddy has expanded much further since its launch in 2010. They've made quite the name for themselves and have become an award-winning brand!

The goal at Deep Eddy is to bring people together. Whether you're in your backyard or listening to your favorite band at a concert, Deep Eddy wants to be a part of the good time you're having.

Why Deep Eddy?

The name! Why is it named Deep Eddy? The name probably doesn't make much sense if you're not from Texas. Deep Eddy Vodka was named after the Deep Eddy Pool in Austin, Texas. The swimming hole was man-made and built during the Depression, making it the oldest swimming pool in all of Texas. According to the Austin, Texas government page, "The pool gets its name from an eddy formed by a large boulder in a popular swimming area on the river."

What started as a swimming hole in the Colorado River is now a swimming pool recreation center. The pool is still open today and filled with fresh water with no chlorine. It's still a popular spot for adults and children alike to enjoy.

Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka

Now, for the star of our show, the Deep Eddy Lemonade, or Lemon Vodka. Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka is the best-seller of the brand. Let's see why that is.

The Deep Eddy Lemonade is made with real lemon juice and pure cane sugar. Using real lemons gives the vodka the right amount of tang, and the pure cane sugar gives it the right amount of subtle sweetness.

The best thing about Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka is that it is adaptable. It's light and easy to enjoy! You can enjoy it chilled or over some ice. You can enjoy it with club soda. You can spike your iced tea with it! You can spruce it up and make it a fancy cocktail. It adapts to whatever you want it to be. And that's the best thing a vodka can be.

Deep Eddy Vodka is made from corn in small batches and distilled ten times. It's gluten-free, mouthwatering, and refreshing.

More Deep Eddy Vodkas

There's more to Deep Eddy than lemon vodka. There's a lot more! The brand has a total of eight vodkas to choose from and a line of canned ready-to-go vodka soda cocktails.

If we're going to start anywhere, we have to start with the original vodka.

Deep Eddy Original Vodka

Of course, we've got the original vodka. I've already mentioned that the Deep Eddy Vodkas are distilled ten times to give drinkers the ultimate experience. However, that's only part of what they do to ensure that Deep Eddy Vodka tastes excellent. Filtering the vodka eight times with the purest water gives the vodka a smooth taste and finish. It's quality you can taste!

Deep Eddy Original Vodka is an excellent base for cocktails. You can dress it up however you like!

Deep Eddy Ruby Red

Sometimes you want something citrusy that's a little more exciting than your basic lemon and lime citrus. Sometimes, you need to shake things up with some grapefruit goodness.

Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka is also close to the top of the favorites list! It's made with real grapefruit juice. There's nothing artificial about it. Add some pure cane sugar to give you just the right amount of sweetness, and there you have Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka.

If you love yourself a Moscow Mule, get your hands on a bottle and make a Ruby-Red Mule. It's delicious as a base, but good gracious does it make a mean cocktail. Grab your glass, or well, copper mug, a handful of ice, and top your ruby red vodka with some delicious ginger beer.

And within a minute or two, you'll be sipping on a refreshing Ruby-Red-Mule.

Deep Eddy Sweet Tea

Next, we have the Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka. It's almost shameful that I didn't start with this option. Why, you ask? Because Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka was the very first launch of the brand. That's right. The sweet tea flavor kicked things off more than ten years ago, and the rest of the options followed suit.

The idea makes the most sense considering the two men that made this brand happen were half iced tea and half vodka. What do you get when you put the two together? You get Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka.

There's more!

The vodka flavors mentioned above are just a few options that Deep Eddy carries. All of the Deep Eddy flavored vodkas below are made with real juice and pure cane sugar to give you the ultimate vodka experience. There's nothing artificial about Deep Eddy Vodka. Here's what you can expect from the rest:

Deep Eddy Vodka Soda

We've talked about this before. Canned cocktails are the epitome of convenience! They keep getting more and more popular. More brands are jumping on the trend, and Deep Eddy has joined the game! They have three different vodka soda cocktails to choose from!

  • First, we have the Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka + Soda! You already know what makes up the Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka. Throw it in with some crisp, carbonated soda, and you have a deliciously refreshing canned vodka soda that you can enjoy in seconds.
  • Next, we have the Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka + Soda. This vodka soda is for grapefruit lovers who want a canned cocktail that's just sweet enough with a burst of citrus. It's crisp, clean, and refreshing!
  • And finally, we have the Deep Eddy Lime Vodka + Soda. The lime vodka in this option is nice and tart, made with real lime juice and pure cane sugar to add a sweet undertone. The lime vodka, along with some refreshing soda, gives you something nice and easy to sip on! It's refreshing and balanced!

Some Deep Eddy Cocktail Ideas

Now that we know a bit about the vodka brand, let's talk about some ways to make some delicious cocktails! They're all fast, easy, and delicious! It's cocktail time!

Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka Cocktail Ideas

Let's start with the infamous Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka. Here are some ways to spruce it up and make it a cocktail.

  • This one may seem a bit obvious, but it's easy and popular. Dress it up and add your lemon vodka over ice with lemonade. Garnish with a sprig of mint or rosemary.
  • Champagne and lemon vodka go together really well. Add your ice, a splash of fresh lemon juice, and your lemon vodka in a glass over some ice. Top it off with a champagne of your choice, and you've got yourself a bubbly cocktail to sip on.

Deep Eddy Ruby Red Cocktail Ideas

Next, let's go with the Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka. There's just something about grapefruit. Every sip leaves you wanting more. It entices your taste buds. Here are a few ways to make it even better:

  • The first way to dress it up is to make it a mojito-ish cocktail. In a cocktail shaker, add a handful of ice, your ruby red vodka, a splash of fresh lime juice, and as much or as little simple syrup as you like. Shake thoroughly. In a cocktail glass with fresh ice, strain, and top with some club soda and a fresh sprig of mint as a garnish.
  • If you love yourself a Paloma, make this! In a cocktail glass with a handful of ice, add your ruby red vodka, an ounce or so of tequila, some fresh grapefruit juice, a splash of lime juice, and some simple syrup. Measure everything to your own taste buds. Shake, shake, shake, then strain into a cocktail glass with fresh ice. Garnish with a grapefruit twist.

Deep Eddy Original Vodka Cocktail Ideas

And finally, if you need a little inspiration for the Deep Eddy Original Vodka, you've come to the right place. There are so many ways to make your vodka burst with flavor. Vodka is so adaptable that anything will work. Because of its tasteless character, you can shape it into anything you want it to be. Here are some great cocktails that you can make with the Deep Eddy Original Vodka:

  • My single favorite way to enjoy a vodka cocktail is in the shape of a Moscow Mule. It's so simple yet so refreshing; it just works. And it works well. If you have a copper mug at home, get them out. If not, any glass will do. Fill your mug or glass with a handful of ice, add a base of vodka (maybe 2 ounces or so), and a splash of fresh lime juice. Top with ginger beer and garnish with some fresh, fragrant mint leaves. It's so easy and so unbelievably refreshing. This cocktail is perfect for everyone that doesn't really like those over-the-top sweet cocktails. It's mellow and enjoyable.
  • Although a Moscow Mule is at the top of my list, there's just something so satisfying about a Bloody Mary! Not just in the morning, but any time of the day! To make things super easy, grab yourself a bloody mary mix! Check out our wide selection of bloody mary mixes at Liquorama. In a glass, add around 2 ounces of your Deep Eddy Original Vodka and a handful of ice. Top with a bloody mary mix of your choice. You can really dress up your Bloody Mary cocktail with some garnishes. It's all in the garnish. Celery, olives, and lime wedges are great starters. If you want to go even further, throw on a pickle and slider. It's up to you!

All Your Flavored Vodka Needs

Flavored Vodka makes for one of the best cocktail bases ever. Vodka is so easily adaptable, but flavored vodka makes it even easier to make a killer cocktail with fewer ingredients. Browse the Liquorama website and check out our wide selection of flavored vodka. We also have all the wine, beer, and spirits to stock you up this holiday season.

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