27th Jul 2022

All That Sutter Home Wine Has to Offer

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All That Sutter Home Wine Has to Offer

This is the perfect time to talk about Sutter Home Wine because summertime is approaching! The options are endless with Sutter Home Wine. You're bound to find something for everyone. The list is endless. We're talking red wine, white wine, pink wine, wine cocktails, and fruit fusions. Fre, Sutter Home's sister winery, carries a collection of alcohol removed wines.

Let's get to it!

The Sutter Home History

The Sutter Home Wine history has a rocky start. The Sutter Home Winery made its debut in the 1890s but ultimately paid the ultimate price when Prohibition hit the states. They had no choice but to close down.

It wasn't until 1947 that the winery reopened under a different family. The Trinchero family moved from New York to California and jumped straight into the wine-making business. Since the late forties, the family began moving through the motions of making wine. Accomplishments came along over the years. They've won many awards, including the Lifetime Achievement Award by Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

In 2018, the family celebrated the Sutter Home Family Vineyard's first harvest.

Located in the St. Helena subregion of Napa Valley, the winery remains family-owned and continues as one of the largest wineries in terms of production.

Red Wines

Starting with the red wine, Sutter Home has it all. Sutter Home has more than ten different options of red wine. They've got a medium-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon that's bold and fragrant. They have a lovely Merlot that's fresh and ripe with a lingering finish. For the fans of sweet wine, Sutter Home has a delicious Sweet Red that's a brilliant combination of delicate fruits and floral aromas.

All of these options are just the beginning. There's more! They carry a Zinfandel, Pinot Noir, Red Blend, Zinfandel Port, Red Moscato, and even, a Triple Cream Sherry. The Triple Cream Sherry is delicious alongside coffee or over vanilla ice cream.

And finally, the Sangria is perfect for summertime. It's light, crisp, and delicious when served with ice and some fresh fruit. What's more refreshing than a cold sangria on a hot summer day?

White Wines

And with an abundance of red wine comes a multitude of white wines.

Starting with the Sutter Home Chardonnay, you can expect a luxurious mix of zesty and ripe with a lingering finish. They also have a heavenly Moscato that's crisp with delicate aromas. And that's just the beginning. They also carry a Pinot Grigio that's bursting with flavor, a lively Sauvignon Blanc, a Sweet Riesling, and a Riesling Moscato.

That's not all! They also have an exquisite Sangria Moscato that's sweet and juicy with hints of different berries, citrus, and luscious pineapple flavors. Sip on a glass in the afternoon and enjoy the pleasant combination of flavors.

Pink Wines

Time for the pink wines!

First up, we have a fresh Pink Moscato with hints of white peaches, honeysuckle, and caramel. Each sip is absolutely delightful. Pair it with a charcuterie board of light cheeses and you're all set. Next, the White Zinfandel is delicate with aromas of ripe berries. Sutter Home also makes a fragrant Rosé that pairs great with a Margherita pizza. Wait for delivery with a glass of Rosé.

Sutter Home also carries a Pink Moscato Bubbly and White Merlot!

Wine Cocktails

Now, listen, the wine cocktails will be the star of your summer!

If you're having a BBQ or pool party, the Sutter Home Lemonade Wine Cocktail will be a home run. Nothing tastes quite as delicious as an ice-cold drink out under the hot sun. Drink it over ice and enjoy it poolside!

If you're a fan of peach tea, the Sutter Home Peach Tea Wine Cocktail will satisfy all your peach cravings. It's sweet, peachy, and refreshing. Pair it with a pizza or fruit salad next to the pool!

And finally, the Sweet Tea with Lemon is another home run! Who doesn't love sweet tea? Pour it over some ice and enjoy it while you lounge outside. It pairs well with potato salad and BBQ sliders.

Is it summer yet?

Fruit Infusions

The fruit infusions are fun summertime options as well!

Sutter Home has four options of fruit infusions with a hint of spritz. First, we have the Blueberry Watermelon that's bursting with flavor. Second, we have the Strawberry Blood Orange that's tangy and refreshing. Third, we have the ripe and peachy Sweet Peach. And finally, we have the sweet and delicious Tropical Pineapple.

Get a taste of summer all year round with these four delicious options!

Fre Wines

Fre deserves a post on its own but let's get you introduced while we're here. Sutter Home Family Vineyards is the sister company to Fre, a collection of delicious non-alcoholic wines that will surprise you with their zest!

The Red Wines include a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Merlot, and a Red Blend. These three options of delightfully bold and luxurious.

The White Wines consist of Chardonnay and Moscato.

The Pink Wines include a crisp Rosé, a deliciously fizzy Sparkling Rosé, and a fragrant White Zinfandel.

And if you're looking for a Sparkling Brut to pop open for a special occasion, they have a fragrant, balanced option for you!


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