18th Jul 2022

All About Canadian Whisky

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All About Canadian Whisky

Sometimes it's easy to get lost in all the different whiskey options offered on the market today. Let's run through the differences between Canadian whisky and American whiskey, some Canadian Whiskey options, and where you can get your hands on a bottle!

Canadian Whiskies

Canadian whisky-where do we even start?

Today, we'll be talking about some popular options, including Crown Royal, Pendleton 1910, Tap Whisky, and Canadian Club Chronicles. But there are tons more options. Other options include Forty Creek Whisky 40, Canadian Mist, Lot No. 40 Rye Canadian Whisky, and Black Velvet Canadian Whisky.

But first, let's talk about some key differences between Canadian Whisky and American Whiskey.

Canadian Whisky vs American Whiskey

Before we jump in, let's talk about some common differences between Canadian Whisky and American Whiskey. Often, Canadian Whisky comes across as a lot lighter and smoother than American whiskey. Canadian Whisky is also, almost always, a rye whiskey. American whiskey tends to lean on the bourbon side of things.

Similar to Irish whiskies, all Canadian whiskies must be aged for a minimum of three years. American whiskey is a bit more complicated because there are many different categories. For example, an American straight whiskey needs to be aged for a minimum of two years. Bourbon is a bit different. If bourbon is aged for less than four years, they must provide an aged statement on the bottle.

Mash bill! While American whiskey makers use mash bills when making their whiskey, Canadian distillers don't. In Canada, every step happens separately. Then, they mingle together. In America, the grain is combined before the actual whiskey-making starts.

Whiskey vs Whisky

If you're wondering why sometimes you'll notice the spelling shift from "whiskey" to "whisky", don't worry, I'm wondering, too.

It turns out that if it's made in Ireland or America, for the most part, whiskey tends to be spelled with the "e". If it's made outside of those two countries, it's almost always missing the "e". The Scottish spelling always goes with the "e".

I guess, while the answer here may not be concrete, it all comes down to where the whiskey, or whisky, is made and the history behind it. Word on the street is that many of the Irish competitors decided to add the "e" to whiskey to distinguish themselves from the rest, especially the Scottish.

As for American whiskey, they followed after the Irish and stuck with whiskey with an "e" because Irish Whiskey was doing relatively well in the states, and, well, why not?

Crown Royal

Crown Royal Whisky has been around for quite some time. The Canadian whisky dates back to 1939 and under some odd circumstances. The whisky was originally made as a gift, a gift to the King and Queen of England.

There are several different options that Crown Royal offers. Whether you're looking for something clean or flavored, they've got you covered. Starting with the Signature Series, we've got the exceptional Deluxe, the award-winning Rye, the bold Black, and smooth Blender's Mash. With the Deluxe, you can expect a smooth palate enriched with hints of oak and sweet vanilla. You can also expect a long and lingering finish. It's a rich and extraordinary blend.

Next, we have the Master Series. The Master Series consists of the elegant 18YR, the rare XR, the Cognac finished XO, the deep Reserve, the intriguing Wine Barrel Finished, and the award-winning Winter Wheat.

And finally, if you're fond of flavors, Crown Royal has a popular flavor series, including Regal Apple, Vanilla, Peach, and Salted Caramel.

Pendleton 1910

Next, we've got Pendleton 1910. Pendleton 1910 is quite rare. The whisky is a 100% rye grain whisky that's distilled in Canada, obviously. The aging takes place in oak barrels for a minimum of 12 years. That's quite the process.

The name pays homage to the first-ever Pendleton Round-up, which, you guessed it, happened in 1910.

Get ready because Pendleton 1910 is complex! It's rich and round with notes of butterscotch and charred oak. The spicy rye offers a kick with some heat. The smoothness comes from the sweet maple and cherry, bringing balance to the whisky overall.

If you're a lover of whisky, Pendleton 1910 should be part of your collection!

Tap Whisky

Next, we've got Tap Whisky.

Tap Rye Port Finished Canadian Rye Whisky is part of Tap Whisky's limited edition line. The aging process brings forth the elements of wood, spice, nutmeg, and cinnamon. It's rich, layered, and has a lingering finish.

Tap Whisky has more than just the Port Finished whisky. They also have Tap 357, a maple rye whisky, and award-winning Tap Rye Sherry Finished 8 Year Canadian Whisky.

The Tap Whisky story started with Tap 357 and the perfect union of rye and maple, two Canadian staples. In the oldest distillery in Western Canada, the whisky is distilled four times.

Canadian Club Chronicles

And finally, we have the Canadian Club Chronicles. With over 150 years of experience and craftsmanship, Canadian Club Chronicles has quite the history. Who's ready for a fun fact? During the American Prohibition, Canadian Club Chronicles whisky was one of the most smuggled whiskies. And that's not all. Once prohibition ended, Canadian Club Chronicles sales went sky high. The success remained and never faltered. I don't know if fun facts get any more fun than that. Right?

This whisky story starts in 1858 when the Hiram Walker distillery opened in Windsor, Canada. The Canadian Club 1858 started it all. It didn't take long before it took off. It's the perfect balance between soft and spicy. With a dry and lingering finish, 1858 contains an almond nuttiness and sweet vanilla.

Canadian Club Chronicles also carries a Reserve 9-Year-Old, a Classic 12-Year-Old, and a 100% Rye. Alberta Distillers is exceptional at working with 100% rye whisky, which is much more challenging to work with.

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