Azunia Blanco Organic Tequila 750ml

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Clean, floral, and fruity, Azunia Blanco Organic Tequila is equally impressive sipped alone or mixed into a colorful cocktail. An un-aged award-winner, Azunia Blanco Organic Tequila boasts agave, lemon, and tropical fruit flavors, finishing off with notes of light pepper and citrus. Try it in our popular Azunia Organic Skinny Margarita, or take a more adventurous turn at your next mixer by stirring it into your favorite craft cocktails.

  • Made with 100% pure Weber Blue Agave grown in dedicated fields of the Tequila Valley of Jalisco, Mexico
  • Pinas harvested by hand and roasted 36 hours in traditional clay hornos
  • Fermented naturally in open-air vats with wild borne yeast
  • Finished with double pot still distillation
  • USDA Certified and BioAgriCert Organic
80 Proof

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