Avion Reserva Cristalino Tequila 750ml

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Avion Reserva Cristalino is a crystal-clear aged tequila that masterfully showcases the brightness of the agave with the complexity of an Anejo for an experience above any other. Distilled from hand-selected agaves grown at the highest elevations, Avion Reserva Cristalino is born from a unique blend of our finest Anejo with a touch of Extra Anejo Tequila. Further elevated by a meticulous filtration process that removes its color and enhances its fruity and floral character, this tequila achieves crystalline clarity and unparalleled smoothness. The result is a clear tequila that retains the taste and aroma of a barrel-aged liquid.

AROMA - Primary notes of oak, vanilla, caramel and warm spices like cinnamon. These aromas are complimented by hints of minerality, lime zest and fresh agave.

TASTE - Creamy notes of vanilla, pecans, roasted agave and pineapple. Agave with bright notes of fresh herbs and minerality.

70 Proof
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