Yeni Raki Ustalarin Karisimi Turkey Liqueur 750ml

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Yeni Rak? Ustalar?n Kar?s?m?

Product Description

Yeni Rak? Ustalar?n Kar?s?m? is a premium Turkish spirit known for its rich heritage and exceptional craftsmanship. Made from a meticulous blend of high-quality grapes and aniseed, this rak? offers a complex and refined drinking experience.

  • Aroma: The rak? opens with aromatic notes of aniseed, complemented by subtle hints of grape and herbal undertones.
  • Palate: On the palate, it is smooth and well-balanced, featuring flavors of sweet anise, fresh herbs, and a hint of spice, providing a harmonious and refreshing taste.
  • Finish: The finish is long and clean, with lingering notes of anise and a touch of sweetness.

Varietal Composition and ABV

  • Varietal Composition: Blend of high-quality grapes and aniseed
  • Alcohol: 91 Proof (45% ABV)

Serving Suggestions

This rak? is traditionally enjoyed with cold water and ice, turning it a milky white color, known as "lion's milk." It pairs wonderfully with a variety of mezes, seafood dishes, and grilled meats, making it a versatile choice for many dining occasions.

About Yeni Rak?

Yeni Rak? is renowned for its dedication to producing high-quality rak? that reflects the rich cultural heritage of Turkey. With a commitment to traditional methods and premium ingredients, Yeni Rak? creates exceptional spirits that offer a true taste of Turkish craftsmanship.

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