Two Coast Brewing Pilsner 16oz 4 Pack Cans

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Pilsner is by far the most popular beer in the world. Legend has it that a traveling Bavarian brewmaster happened upon the Czech town of Pilzn, where thirsty citizens demanded an upgrade for the sad excuse of an ale the local brewery put out. We're not entirely sure this story is true, but it's a god one, and Pilzn - after exposure to modern lager fermentation techniques - was never the same. Neither was planet earth. This crisp, pleasantly bitter, very bright lager that goes with every food group known to mankind took the world by storm. Two Coast Brewing Pilsner pays hommage to our home in the North of Germany by adding a little more bite to the noble hops and giving it plenty of time to develop subtle flavors.

5.0% ABV
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