Soda Jerk Root Beer Shot 750ml

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An American made, great tasting familiar flavored shot, that takes a touch of nostalgia and mixes it with today's modern edge. Soda Jerk Shot is ready to drink in two fantastic flavors that you already know and love: Orange Cream and Rootbeer. The flavor profiles are lightly sweet, not overly boozy, and have a long creamy finish noteworthy of your favorite 50/50 bar, or Rootbeer float, with a little bit of kick.

70 Proof

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  • Kevin

    Wow! If you like Root Beer, you will LOVE this adult version. It tastes just like a Root Beer Float, but has some kick to it. I drank mine just the way it is, and even at 70*, it wasn't overly boozy. Tasted fantastic and finished really smooth. I can't wait to try over some ice cream.

    23rd Sep 2020
  • Dave

    This is an awesome product and love to make various drinks with it. The shot goes down very smooth.

    9th Sep 2020