Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey 750ml

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New York World Wine and Spirits Competition
Double Gold Medal
Best Flavored Whiskey

Tasting Notes
On one side, you have good ol' whiskey - a bold, loud, and strong partner-in-crime who exudes confidence. On the other, we have peanut butter - a rich, smooth, and irresistible spread that's as dependable as they come for all your late night cravings. Little did you know, these two blend together quite phenomenally. In fact, they go together so well, they make PB&J jealous. It's nearly impossible to just have one of this delicious treat. But we have to warn you - a night with Skrewball is bound to get a little nutty. 70 Proof

Suggested Drink Recipes:

Peanut Butter & Jelly Old Fashioned

1.5 oz. Skrewball Whiskey
.75 oz.Rye Whiskey
4 Dashes of Angostura Bitters
1 Luxardo Cherry

Combine all these familiar ingredients over ice in a cocktail glass. Stir and allow these old friends to mingle until chilled. Garnish with Luxardo Cherry and an Orange peel.

A Peanut Butter White Russian

1.5 oz. Skrewball Whiskey
.5 oz.Vodka
.5 oz.Coffee liqueur
1 oz. Cream of coconut
1 oz. Heavy cream

Allow all ingredients to collude in a mixing glass with ice. Shake. Pour into cocktail glass. Garnish with cinnamon and sugar (optional).

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  • Robin

    My teammate turned me on to Skrewball PB Whiskey and I fell in love.

    3rd Feb 2020
  • Mari

    delightful and unique. We love it. the peanut butter flavor comes in right at the end!!

    20th Dec 2019
  • Kyle in Vegas

    People who love it really love it. People who hate it really hate it. Rich, vanilla, nut, butterscotch taste. All comes together smoothly with a nice aftertaste. 5 stars!

    7th Nov 2019
  • Raj

    It is a really strange idea to have peanut butter or similar taste with whiskey. But for a person who doesn't really like that harsh Taste of hard liquor this is perfect. Also you can always give it to your hardcore drinking friends as a gag gift

    12th Oct 2019
  • Greg

    Really excellent product. I used this to get my friend into whiskey. Goes great in peanut butter and jelly shots

    25th Apr 2019
  • Ryan

    Im a big fan of all peanut butter flavored things. ive had every peanut butter flavored beer I can find and some liqueurs. I've even had some Peanut Butter Soda. This is the best, most realistic peanut butter flavor ive ever had. The fact that its a whiskey is just an added bonus.

    25th Apr 2019