Shine On Georgia Moon Corn Whiskey Moonshine 750ml

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A corn spirit entirely devoid of color (but not of flavor!) due to an ageing period guaranteed less than thirty days! A treat for any drinker who thinks they've tried everything.

80 Proof

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  • Eric

    It was pretty good but not strong enough

    10th Jan 2019
  • Dennis

    Naturally, shine from the hills of Tennessee is the best. But Georgia Moon is as close to it as you can legally buy. Smooth and a pleasant corn taste. Others like Midnight Moon and Ole Smokey simply taste like Vodka. My dad used to keep this stuff in his jug, and yes a corncob plug. Im so happy I found a supply now that I live in ND. Smooth? So smooth my wife can do a shot. *Warning* Do Not mix with soda or any other flavored crap. Straight or a splash of water. If you mix with flavored crap you are unworthy of Georgia Moon.

    7th May 2018