Rosaluna Joven Mezcal 750ml Etch

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Meet Rosaluna. Made with just three ingredients (8-year old agave, water, and a lot of love), it's designed to get you hooked on the Magic of Mezcal. Bright and brilliant with complex and layered notes of citrus and tropical fruits, look out for a silky smooth finish and just a hint of agave smoke. For the mezcal newbie, the mezcal connoisseur, and everyone in between, too. 80 Proof

  • Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan
  • Zero Carb
  • Plant-based
  • Carbon Neutral


topo-chico.png     Topo & Luna Recipe

2 oz Rosaluna Mezcal
Topo Chico (to taste)
1 pinch of Sea salt
Garnish: Lime wedge, orange or grapefruit slice

In a highball glass, add the Mezcal and fill with cubed ice. Top with Topo Chico and stir. Garnish with a lime wedge, orange or grapefruit slice, and a pinch of sea salt.




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  • Jen Tovar

    As someone with lots of experience with mezcal. I have tried over 100 different types and have had plenty of experts providing guidance, this is a very appropriate mezcal for any occasion. Highly recommended.

    23rd Mar 2022
  • Jen Tovar

    Rosaluna is one of my favorite mezcals and this for my money is the best bottle. Complex, rich, and very moreish. Taste just wonderful. I absolutely love it.

    21st Mar 2022
  • Rita

    I have been on a quest to find a really good Mezcal around and Rosaluna is by far the best I’ve had so far. It's smooth and you can drink it straight without needing ice. I like mine straight. No ice, no mixer or chaser. Rosaluna is best sipping it straight on. I would highly recommend it to anyone. I was so happy when I found out I could get it here.

    19th Mar 2022
  • Bo Miles

    I’m a huge mezcal lover and this was my absolute favorite. It's smooth and smoky with hints of oak from the barrel. Not an overwhelming smoke flavor. Very balanced. We made mezcal Manhattans with them and surprised everyone at the party. Such a great find.

    15th Mar 2022
  • Michael

    Super smooth, just not very smoky. You can decide if that is good or bad depending on your preferences. For me it was great. Totally loved it and will continue drinking it.

    22nd Feb 2022
  • Julie L

    Bought this mezcal a couple weeks ago off the recommendation of a good friend. To be honest I really like it a lot sipped or in a simple margarita. Very smoky and smooth, I will buy this again. Has a great aftertaste too. Great stuff. Try it, you’ll be extremely happy you did.

    19th Jan 2022
  • Laura Eickstein

    I have been on a quest to find a really good Mezcal around and this is by far the best I have had so far. It's smooth and you can drink it straight without needing ice. I prefer mine slightly chilled without putting ice so I let my glass sit in a cold area for a few minutes. This Mezcal is really worth every penny. It’s such a good Mezcal that it’s hard to keep it to just one serving because it's so good.

    3rd Jan 2022
  • Melanie S

    I bought this a few weeks ago hoping to make some smokey margaritas. I also purchased a cocktail smoker but quickly learned with this mezcal the smoker was not needed. Very much would recommend and very much enjoyed this Rosaluna mezcal. Beats any others that I’ve tried.

    20th Dec 2021
  • Laura Eickstein

    What an amazing mezcal Rosaluna is. By far the best I’ve ever tasted. Definitively the best mezcal in the world. Was extremely happy and pleased you guys carried it. I’ll definitely be back for more.

    3rd Dec 2021