Riva de la Rosa Frascati DOC 2022 (Italy)

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Wine Tasting Notes
Riva de la Rosa presents a selection of white wines that are both approachable and enjoyable, highlighting distinctive wine regions throughout Italy. The name "Riva de la Rosa," meaning "Shore of the Rose," is a tribute to the ancient land where roses were planted to protect the vineyards. The impact of the coastal environment is clearly evident in each vineyard, as the sea breezes and mineral-rich soils contribute to the wines' remarkable salinity. As a result, these wines are characterized by their refreshing, lively nature, capturing the essence of Italy with every sip.

Riva de la Rosa Frascati DOC is fruit-forward, displaying clean and crisp flavors of citrus and apricot. It is recommended to be served slightly chilled.

Malvasia, Grechetto, Trebbiano and Bombino
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