Republic of Pink Central Coast Rose 2020 Rated 90WE

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Wine Enthusiast Review
Rated 90
A yellower shade of pink in the glass, this rose blend of 42% Grenache, 27% Mourvedre, 27% Syrah and 4% Cabernet Franc begins with earthy tones before the lemon, peach and cantaloupe aromas arise. The palate shows lots of struck stone as well as rounded orange and Meyer lemon flavors, with just a hint of red fruit.

Wine Tasting Notes
Like those legendary California companies that came before us, Republic of Pink was born in a garage. Room was cleared, filled up with gear, and work began in earnest with one goal in mind: making California synonymous with world-class pink wines. In 2018, after dozens of batches and blends, we hit the mark and launched this label. Eponymously titled, this wine is the initial step in our journey, and is an incredible embodiment of what we set out to achieve: Provencal-style wine made right here in California. Bright aromas; well-layered flavors; a juicy mouthfeel; and refreshing finish that leaves you wanting another sip. All in a fresh, compelling package that captures that laid back, sun-soaked, California lifestyle - the place where rose season never ends.

42% Grenache, 27% Mourvedre, 27% Syrah, 4% Cabernet Franc

Alcohol 13.0%
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