Remy Martin Tercet Cognac 750ml

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Three talents came together to create Remy Martin Tercet: our Cellar Master, Master Distiller and Wine Master. Three men of their time, each carrying the heritage of generations of Masters before them, combined their unique expertise to reveal the best of what nature offers. A singular Cognac Fine Champagne, bold, fresh and fruit forward with a surprisingly long finish. Remy Martin Tercet can be enjoyed neat to reveal its boldness, with one large ice cube to enhance its freshness, or paired with fresh pineapple or in a pineapple dessert to reveal its roundness.
  • Nose: An explosion of intense notes of fresh tropical fruits, and dried yellow fruits, followed by gentle spice notes, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, preserved ginger and a hint of liquorice.
  • Taste: With an 84-proof blend, this cognac makes a fresh and bold first impression. The trademark Remy Martin style is evident in its smoothness. Extremely round, it coats the palate, punctuated by notes of spices and fresh, fleshy fruits.
  • Body: The finale is round and smooth with a surprisingly long finish.
  • 84 Proof
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