Rancho Sisquoc Santa Barbara Riesling 2023

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Wine Tasting Notes
When you uncork a chilled bottle of Rancho Sisquoc Santa Barbara Riesling, you'll be greeted with a delightful bouquet of orange blossom, night blooming jasmine, and honeysuckle, evoking memories of a sunny summer day on the Central Coast. As the wine gradually warms up, you'll notice the emergence of tropical notes like papaya, dragon fruit, and honeydew, accompanied by subtle hints of dried straw and beeswax. The palate offers a complex experience, with a combination of tart and candied fruit flavors such as Granny Smith apple, candied orange, a touch of lemon-lime zest, and an underlying tropical essence. To add a touch of intrigue, there's also a subtle hint of honeycomb.
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