Patron El Cielo Silver Tequila 700ml

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PATRON Tequila is once again changing the tequila game! With a first-of-its-kind distillation process, PATRON EL CIELO is the ultimate innovation in silver tequila. Distilled four times to unlock the sweet flavors of agave, PATRON EL CIELO delivers an incomparable taste with an undeniably light, naturally sweet and ultra-smooth finish.

Four times distilled and chill-filtered for an incredibly smooth, light yet complex taste. A one-of-kind creation led by PATRON Master Distiller David Rodriguez that introduces a fourth distillation using the smallest copper pot still at the Hacienda PATRON to unlock an exceptionally smooth tequila with subtle agave notes.
  • COLOR - Radiant Clear
  • AROMA - Cooked Agave, Sweet, Fruity
  • TASTE - Cooked Agave, Sweet, Fruity, Citric
  • FINISH - Smooth, Cooked Agave, Very Sweet and Long-Lasting Flavor/li>
  • 80 Proof
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