Pascal Clement Chambolle-Musigny Red Burgundy 2018

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Wine Tasting Notes
Chambolle-Musigny is a red wine, and is often called the most "feminine" of the Cote de Nuits wines. Its intensity and finesse are expressed with an elegant subtlety. Visually, a bright ruby color with brilliant and luminous highlights. It can deepen a little, while keeping its brilliance. Violets and small red fruits (strawberry, raspberry) compose its distinctly typical bouquet. With age, it evolves towards spicy mature fruits, prunes or truffle, undergrowth and animal. Rich, aromatic and complex, it caresses the palate with silk and lace. Its fleshy delicacy doesn't prevent it from preserving a solid, long-lasting structure. Rather mellow, with little acidity, its tannins remain caressing.

100% Pinot Noir
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