Oak & Eden Rye & Spire Charred Oak Finish Rye 750ml

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Like all rye whiskeys, ours starts with a mash-bill of exceptional rye, masterfully distilled and then aged in charred new American oak barrels. Time does its work, the angels take their share, and what is left is a spicy, fruity spirit, drier and full of body - distinct, distinguished and delicious.

When Oak & Eden rye enters the bottle, it takes a turn; a turn for the better. To each vessel we add a charred oak spire, meticulously crafted and forged in fire, adding more spice, rich notes of caramel, and deep and flavorful hints of smoke and coffee, accentuating this imbibable masterpiece.

The addition of our spire to finish our rye whiskey is completely unique to Oak & Eden. In fact, the process used to produce our spire is patented and our innovative in-bottle finishing technique is patent pending.

90 Proof

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