Mount Gay XO Triple Cask Barbados Rum 750ml

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XO Triple Cask is the recipient of several Gold and Grand Gold awards from well-respected International Quality and Spirits competitions. In 2001, XO Triple Cask was awarded its Sixth Grand Gold at the Monde Selection in Brussels. The brand was also awarded a trophy (the highest award possible) at the 2001 International Spirits Challenge in London.

Mount Gay Rum XO Triple Cask Barbados Rum is a skillful blend of the finest old spirits, carefully selected from our aged reserves. It is the result of hundreds of years of respecting the time-honoured traditions of rum production. Once sipped and savored, the connoisseur experiences the warmth of a well-rounded, exceedingly smooth, light bodied spirit; possessing such finesse as only time can bring.

86 Proof Rum

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