Mandala Anejo Tequila 1L

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Of meticulous care in its process and elaborated with the selection of mature agaves that is cooked in brick ovens, receiving a double distillation to reach the perfect taste. Aged 24 months in Sherry Cask barrels helping to achieve an exquisite body of unequaled flavor.

Color - Intense gold with golden shades.

Aroma - Roasted French oak, cooked agave.

Taste - Soft, fruity and sweet, leaving a finish that is persistent and pleasant to the palate.

Tequila Mandala is a symbol of culture, tradition and craft of our Mexican folk, the magic that each color represents, is the spirit of each pueblo and tourist region in Mexico. Tequila Mandala is proud to offer bottles that are hand crafted and hand painted one bottle at a time, by some of the biggest and most respected Mexican Artisan. Each one of our Tequila Mandala bottles transports us to those magical pueblos across Mexico full of unmatched gastronomy that is appreciated by the world. Tequila Mandala is the door to the tourist paradise across Mexico.

80 Proof
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