Larceny Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750ml

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Larceny combines an authentic brand history and intriguing story with outstanding, extra aged wheated Bourbon, making for a very attractive alternative for the more sophisticated American Whiskey consumer.

92 Proof
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  • Mark

    Received this as a gift. Very impressed. Not as buttery smooth as knob Creek, but close.

    12th Jan 2019
  • andrew

    I literally got so sick of seeing this on facebook i decided to try it. thinking It would be very mediocre or worse. well i was pleasantly surprised and glad i took that leap.. a good smooth strait bourbon flavor. mildly sweet and not too bitter or dry on the tongue and good aromatic smell. i drink the vast majority of hard liquor strait, warm. or over the rocks. this is a pleasant buy for the money. if you have to mix it for it to taste good. then your money is probably better spent elsewhere. this bourbon is easily in my personal top ten liqours. and my second favorite bourbon

    23rd Dec 2018