Kahlua Especial 70 Proof Liqueur 750ml Rated 90-95 BEST BUY

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Wine Enthusiast Review
Rated 90-95

Opening sniffings are greeted by deep roasted, bitter, black coffee scents. This liqueur earns its score in the taste. Palate entry is bitter and intensely black coffee-like; at midpalate, the deep-roasted flavor climbs to a whole new level of fresh asphalt and tar depth and semisweet intensity. Finishes bittersweet, smoky, tar-like and beany.

70 Proof
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  • Sandra Schondelmeyer

    Great product

    11th Mar 2023
  • Nicolas

    Hello, I had It before. But nowadays it is impossible to find it in France or the Netherlands. In the Netherlands they sell now 16% too. It tastes like decoction of sweets. But I like to buy the Kahlua Especial. Where can I find it in France or the Netherlands? Have a nice day, regards, Nic

    29th Jan 2022
  • Carol

    This is the best kahlua. Once you taste this you will agree!

    6th Jan 2019
  • Marge S.

    This could be one of the best that Kahlua has ever made but it is very hard to find. If you do see it. buy it. If you like Kahlua, you'll love this.

    6th Sep 2018