Jewel Of Russia Ultra Wheat and Rye Vodka 1L

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Wine Enthusiast Review
Rated 90-95
The delicate perfume is softly grainy, with nuances of white pepper, wheat crackers and cigarette tobacco. The palate entry is elegant yet a touch hot; at midpalate the dry flavor turns silky in texture and minerally and stone-like in taste. Concludes bean- and kernel-like, bittersweet and a touch soy curd-like. A subtle, understated vodka with lots of layers and grip.

Food & Wine Magazine Vodka of the Year (2001).

Absolutely amazing...It's too sensational not to have on-going residence on one's liquor shelf...Beautifully balanced, rich creamy supple mouth feel, with no astringency or angularity. Refined, almost pillowy texture... Pours like syrup when frozen...Perhaps this is a case of a vodka that is too smooth. (National Vodka Tasting Panel, March 2001, by

80 Proof Vodka

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