Grey Goose Citron French Grain Vodka 750ml

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In crafting GREY GOOSE Le Citron Flavored Vodka, Maitre de Chai Francois Thibault began with the finest lemons, including those grown in the world-renowned Menton region of France. Menton lemons are larger and thicker skinned with a milder and less acidic flavor than their western counterparts. The thicker peels yield higher levels of essential oil, making Menton lemons the favorite of respected French chefs. The lemons are concentrated into a complex citrus oil extract to preserve their bright flavors, then expertly blended with the world's finest vodka, GREY GOOSE.

  • Nose - Bright, suggestive of ripe lemon zest with hint of sweetness, well balanced between the citrus flower and the leaf of the lemon tree.
  • Palate - Clean with fresh lemon notes and a subtle fruitiness, suggestive of the floral, zesty nature of the fruit.
  • Finish - Fresh with lemon flavor remaining prominent is the warmth and richness of a whole orange.
80 Proof Vodka

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