Great Women Spirits Hypatia Rubi California Amaro 750ml

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Hypatia was a renowned teacher of philosophy in 4th century Egypt, but her lessons conflicted with the rise of Christianity. Blamed for inciting leaders who favored the ancient wisdoms over religious rule, Hypatia was beaten to death and her works were burned.

Daughter of Theon of Alexandria, this inspiring mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher is honored with a liqueur crafted from classic bitters of herbs, flowers, roots, and citrus peels, distilled with pure spring water from our Napa Valley Estate, and made from an 1800s formulation, still colored by carmine red.

Nose - Lemon peel, orange blossom, sweet marjoram and summer savory thyme, savory toasted Japanese mushrooms, sweet pomegranate and cranberry compote, clove baking spices, pine nut and sweet star anise.

Taste - Bitter blood orange peel entry, lemon verbena floral lift, maraschino cherry, orange black tea spice, savory mushroom and toasted walnut weight filling out the mouth, crisp red endive and woody grape stalk finish.

48 Proof
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