Grand Saray Arak Liqueur 700ml

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Grand Saray Arak Liqueur is a classic raki whose distillation process has been perfected in Belgium and the only classic raki to be distilled five times. The ideal balance: In Lebanon, it is customary to savor this invigorating beverage alongside mezze - the delectable appetizers reminiscent of Arabian nights. Traditionally, it is presented in petite glasses, with half filled with arak and the other half with water or ice cubes. This combination results in the characteristic hazy hue of arak, often referred to as "camel milk" in predominantly Muslim nations. By incorporating mint, tea, lemonades, or various juices, novel flavor combinations of this ancient elixir continue to emerge. Crafted with utmost finesse in Belgium, decades of expert distillation have yielded a smooth, refined, and intricate arak.

100 Proof
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