Ginraw Barcelona Gastronomic Gin 750ml

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GINRAW is a super-premium gastronomic gin that encompasses the avant-garde culinary and design creativity of its home city of Barcelona. A masterpiece of collaboration between four masters of their craft: a Chef, a Sommelier, a Mixologist and a Master Parfumeur. Each bottle is individually numbered, dramatically expressive and has crystal-clear precision of aromatic character, personality and body. GINRAW is conceived for discerning palates. It's a wonderfully versatile gin and all its nuances are revealed when it's drunk neat or on the rocks, in a G&T which enhances its freshness, or as the basis for the most creative cocktails. It has also been developed so that its richness of aromas and flavors is a perfect complement for gourmet pairings and sophisticated culinary creations.

The nose offers an excellent aromatic intensity. It's fresh with crisp citrus and floral notes, all from the combination of lemon, citron and kaffir lime leaf. Juniper is present as a very structured aromatic base with dry, herbal aromas and balsamic and woody notes. The alcohol is perfectly integrated. The palate is full-bodied and voluminous. It's smooth, pleasant and elegant. There are floral aspects with a velvety feel and spice with effervescent hints and a subtle smoky nuance. Freshness and warmth evenly coexist with a balsamic background, characteristic of juniper. The finish is long and delightful.

84.6 Proof

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