Gekkeikan Zipang Carbonated Sake (Japan) 250ML

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I usually drink big, bold Napa Cabernet's with a steak or a really good cigar every Friday with a couple of friends from college. This past week we ended up at our favorite sushi bar and tried the most amazing drink, Zipang sake. This is not your ordinary sake, in fact Zipang was probably made for those that don't like sake at all. Zipang is deliciously light, slightly sweet with a bit of fruity effervescence and more fun than eating blowfish liver. My local sushi restaurant serves Zipang chilled in a champagne flute. Perfect for spicy tuna rolls, salmon sashimi or just relaxing after a long day at the office.

ZIPANG is naturally carbonated Sake, which is produced special techniques. Serve chilled, ZIPANG is a sweet yet refreshingly light flavor.

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