GAI'A Ritinitis Nobilis Retsina NV (Greece) Rated 93W&S

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Wine & Spirits Review
Rated 93
There's a word in Greek for the cooling feeling that settles on your tongue after a sip of a good Retsina: droserotita. Ritinitis Nobilis has this in spades, its resinous flavors more akin to mint and mastic than pine resin. Yiannis Paraskevopoulos bases it on roditis, preferring the grape's delicacy to the more typical savatiano base; it makes for an especially breezy, refreshing Retsina.

Wine Tasting Notes
Highly regarded as one of the few high quality Retsina on the market today, this dry white strikes an impressive balance between the flavors of the varietal and pine. Elegant aromas of citrus fruit are accented by hints of mint and eucalyptus on the nose, while the palate showcases good acidity.

Food Pairing: There is a need for this wine, as the unique flavors of Retsina perfectly compliment certain dishes in Greek cuisine, especially the strong flavors in many Greek mezes (small appetizers similar to Spanish tapas). Outside of Greek cuisine, this new-style Retsina can also stand up well to Indian dishes and salty snacks.
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